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Rust Console Edition Release Date Announced for PS4 and Xbox One

Rust, the competitive online multiplayer survival game first released in early PC access in 2013, officially hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and PS5 and Xbox Series X / S via backward compatibility) on May 21, 2021. was unveiled along with a new trailer and a blog post by developer Double Eleven describing the differences between the Rust Console Edition and Facepunch Studios’ PC version.While the Rust Console Edition is obviously based on the PC version, it has been “designed and optimized for a completely separate and unique console gaming experience.”

Double Eleven had been in talks with Facepunch since 2016 about the idea of ​​making this console version, and the teams knew early on that the two games “had to be in separate universes given that the PC version could be expanded as needed, and performance would be maintained as long as people continued. to upgrade the hardware, while consoles, on the other hand, have limited resources that need to be managed more closely. “

Performance was the team̵

7;s “biggest and most demanding challenge” and Double Eleven needed to “tear apart and rewrite large engine systems within Unity” to get it up to the standards.

Load times were also a major issue, and the team explained how initial load times took up to 45 minutes to read and decompress the procedure map and its assets into memory. By implementing a new bootstrap system that allows you to load multiple Unity scenes and asset stacks at once, the game now loads “in about one minute give or take.”

The team also decided to choose a point in Facepunch’s code base that served as a good foundation, and decided that it would rebuild some of the more advanced features when a solid base to build was established.

This means that the Rust Console Edition will follow its own update map that differs from the PC version which will “provide an optimal gaming experience while gradually introducing players to the huge amount of games and content that make Rust an incredible experience.”While Double Eleven is not quite ready to reveal the roadmap, the studio promises that some of it will be shown closer to the release of the game in May.

The developer revealed that the Rust Console Edition will have a Deluxe and Ultimate Edition that includes Beta access in April 2021, 3-day early access and more.

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