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Rumor: Datamine apparently reveals everything about the new Nintendo Switch revision

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It’s only the seventh day of the year, and we already have some wild Nintendo rumors circulating online, so take some salt and read on.

Well-known computer mines and console hackers SciresM have reportedly revealed new details about the rumored Switch ‘Pro’ model by sifting through firmware code – although they warn that these details may not be completely accurate, and there is also quite a bit of speculation.

With this in mind, the revised system apparently gets the code name “Aula” and uses a Mariko SoC. In addition to this, it is assumed that it will support both anchored and handheld games, 4K support in one way or another, and could potentially include an OLED screen. The Realtek chip can also be in the dock, instead of the system.

Here is SciresM̵

7;s complete breakdown, via ResetEra:

Nintendo is actually working on a new model with upgraded display items and has been for ~ 1.5-2 years. I personally think it’s 4K given the characters I see in the firmware, but it has not been confirmed yet and may be incorrect.

The new hardware has the code name Aula, it uses a Mariko SoC. There are a number of references to it in code (atmosphere supports the new screen already in theory).

The tablet itself definitely has an upgraded screen, I do not know if it is 4K.

Aula has firmware support for some Realtek chips that advertise themselves as a “4K UHD multimedia SoC” as well, hence my belief that it is 4K. That chip may be inside a new dock and not inside the tablet, but there is no way to tell from the firmware code yet.

Aula explicitly supports handheld mode. It is not just rooted; it is calcio, which seems like it is only for internal / never to drop since Calcio has no playing card and no battery.

You can check the boot system module code if you are curious. The new monitor does not support power management pwm, it has its own vendor specific bs I had to reverse and implement a month or two ago.

Mariko has * significantly * better cooling and battery life. It’s a bona fide die shrinking over the original generation.

My best guess (pure speculation, no firmware indication that this is the case) is that if they need extra performance, they will push it to higher clock speeds across the board.

But yes, I wonder if games will be like “DSi-enhanced” games were, or like how some games benefited from the PS4 Pro despite working with the PS4.

Checked out my previous discussions with hexkyz, the upgraded tablet screen is an OLED screen. Probably no higher resolution on the tablet itself, so I guess it’s more likely that the 4k realtek chip is a new dock than I thought it was.

Vanilla probably will not.

We are in the speculation area. Aula has a new GPIO as redbox is not related to support for this, so I will for the time being guess that redbox devices do not support the new thing.

Switch ‘Pro’ rumors have been circulating for a few years now, and a number of industry analysts are still confident that it will emerge at some point this year. You can capture all previous development features in our comprehensive guide.

What are your own thoughts on all of this? Do you think that’s the real deal, or is it just as fake as the fake Nintendo Direct leak? Tell us in the comments below.

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