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Rumor: AirTags is scheduled to launch in March with the new iPad Pro

Apple’s long-standing reputation AirTags may be launched as early as next month, a new leak claims today. This comes after trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported last month that AirTags was on track for a release sometime in 2021.

Today’s leak comes from Jon Prosser, who tweeted that AirTags is still in March and that he has not “heard of further delays this time.” He also added in a follow-up tweet that the new iPad Pro models from 2021 are also on schedule in March right now.

AirTags is expected to be Apple’s competition with Tile item trackers. Users can attach an AirTag tracker to something like a backpack and find it in the Find My app on iPhone, iPad and Mac. AirTags has been rumored for well over a year now, and despite several reports suggesting a release, but nothing has materialized yet.

As for the iPad Pro, a number of rumors have suggested that a release would take place sometime in the first quarter of 2021

, and Prosser says it will be March. The expectation is that the mini-LED backlight will first come to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, followed by the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Mini-LED is a new form of backlight used for LCD monitors, which includes many of the benefits of OLED, but it can provide increased brightness, improved energy efficiency and lower risk of burn-in.

The 2021 iPad Pro series is expected to be virtually identical to the 2020 model in terms of design. So the biggest change will probably be the display technology shift, plus a new chip that is probably based on the A14 inside for even better performance.

Last month, we speculated that Apple could have enough new products in stock in early 2021 to hold a virtual event. What do you think? Will these be press releases for the new iPad Pro and AirTags? Let us know in the comments!

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