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#RipFortnite trends on Twitter after Epic follows Clix

The Fortnite community has become obsessed with betting on matches between two talented professionals in a customized lobby. This has become especially important for Fortnite streamers to tear in some dough and create content now that there are far fewer official events. But Epic has begun to crack down on this popular pastime when it involves underage players.

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Cody “Clix” Conrad has been involved in many games played. Clix is ​​also only 16 years old. The popular Fortnite pro tweeted earlier this week that Epic reported him directly to stop betting, otherwise he would be banned from the game.

“I recommend others to stop too. Tweeting so people are aware of it,” Clix tweeted.

Clix followed up this tweet by noting that he does not want to bother with Fortnite at all due to stream snipers on top of the note from Epic. Many Fortnite fans were frustrated by Epic’s message to Clix, and #RipFortnite began to develop on Twitter.

Epic has not made any statements since the hashtag began to spread across social media, but this is nothing new for their popular fighting king. Fortnite’s official terms of service do not allow play of any kind outside of sanctioned tournaments. The legal playing age is also 18, which is another strike against Clix.

But many Fortnite players, including many of the pros, are minors. So the betting rules will most likely be a problem again. Fans are also frustrated because Epic has also cracked down on scrims recently and is trying to regulate matches where pros and fans play against each other for subscriptions. All of this has the Fortnite community worried about the game, hence the rumors that Fortnite is “dying” across social media.

How old is Clix?

Clix is ​​16 years old. His birthday is January 5, 2005.

Is Clix rich?

Despite his young age, Clix is ​​very wealthy. His fortune is estimated at $ 2.2 million. It’s mainly thanks to his successful career as a streamer and YouTuber. It is said that he earns easily over $ 100,000 a month thanks to all his various income streams, but this cannot be confirmed.

Which PC uses Clix?

According to GamerStats, Clix uses Intel Core i9-9900K CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card and Asus ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO motherboard with 64 GB RAM sticks by HYPERX FURY.

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