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Review: Whitestone Dome Glass for iPhone XS is a great screen saver w / a unique installation process

Overall, I have mixed opinions about using screen protector with iPhone X and iPhone XS. The phones are absolutely beautiful without any kind of protection, but with the ever increasing cost of the devices themselves as well as repairs, some extra security can go a long way. Includes Whitestone, who has an interesting appearance on how a screen saver will work for the new age of curved display devices.

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Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max is a unique product for several reasons. It adheres to the iPhone in an incredibly secure way, but the installation process is complicated in many ways, but incredibly easy in others.

The iPhone XS Max's curved edges and notches have made screen protector installations even more difficult than they used to be. It can be almost impossible to set up a cheap screen protector with the curved edges and notches, but Whitestone has a nice solution to handle it. This is how it works.

Whitestone Dome Glass for iPhone XS Max Installer

Right out of the box, it's easy to be alarmed by the installation of Whitestone Dome Glass for iPhone XS Max. In the box, you'll get the tempered glass protector yourself, a top and bottom plate to hold your iPhone, a slider, a placement bridge, two pipes of glue, some cleaning supplies and tape to cover your speaker during the installation process.

How do all these pieces come together? It's a pretty unique process, at least.

The first thing you have to do is use the supplied alcohol sticks and coats, as well as dust remover stickers, to clean each corner of the iPhone screen. This ensures that there is no dust and dust on the screen that will be caught under the screen protector.

From there you need to secure your iPhone XS Max in the top and bottom boards. This keeps the iPhone in place during installation so that the tempered glass is applied perfectly. Then, take the "Location Bridge" and one of the glue, place the tube in the position bridge, and turn off the colored cap. This releases a cloth glue on your iPhone screen.

One thing to note here is to make sure you install Whitestone Dome on a perfect surface. If your table or desktop has a slight slope, the glue will run instead of staying close to the center of the phone's display.

Then take the tempered glass yourself and place it over the blue tab at the bottom of the drawer. Then hold the glass to the screen by using the "slide bar". Watch the video below to look into this process. Last but not least, use the supplied UV light to pour the glue under the tempered glass.

Whitestone has refined the installation process over the years. The iPhone XS Max uses a new "slide type" installation that does a better job to avoid air bubbles and other deficiencies. The installation process is hard to explain by text, but fortunately, Whitestone has a pretty useful installation video, as you can see below:

Whitestone Dome Glass installation is forgiving; as long as you do not finish the final cure, remove the tempered glass and use it again using the second hose of glue whitstone gives you. I had to do this once because of an air bubble that appeared.

The installation process is daunting, but it's actually one of the best screen protection installation kits I've ever seen. Follow the video instructions and take the time and you will get a pretty impressive end result …

After installation

When installed, Whitestone Dome Glass is a very nice screen protector for the iPhone XS Max. It is perfectly aligned with notch and rounded corners, and because of the board-based installation process it is perfectly centered and air bubbles are not found.

With regard to touch sensitivity and features like 3D Touch, I do not notice any differences with Whitestone Dome Glass installed. The IPhone XS Max screen is still very responsive and the 3D Touch works as it always has.

When my nausea is when you get up from the bottom to return to the home screen or access multitasking, the back of the screen and the screen saver may sometimes get lost. This has not been a big problem for me, but it's definitely a little bit of a hassle and a unique issue presented by the iPhone's bezel-less design.

Also, the tempered glass looks scratched a little easier than the iPhone glass, but I'd rather shield the screen protector than the phone's display.

Whitestone Dome Glass fits perfectly with the official Apple Leather case as well as an OtterBox case that I tried. In general, I see no reason why a case would not work with Dome Glass installed.

If for some reason you need to remove the screen saver, either due to an incorrect installation or crack, you have a few options. Your first option is to try to get under the corner of the screen and use a playing card or credit card to gradually remove the protection. If this does not work, use something like a hair dryer to heat the glue, which loosens it and makes it easier to remove.

Wrap up

As someone who has never enjoyed using an iPhone screen protector, Whitestone Dome Glass for iPhone XS Max is an amazing product. It fits in a way that seems to be a first-party solution, and the installation process is almost foolproof as long as you take the time.

Like with all screen savers, you lose some of the total slimness & # 39; of iPhone with Whitestone Dome, but the experience is far better than options on the market.

Whitestone Dome Glass for iPhone XS Max usually sells for $ 45, but you can currently get it on Amazon for just $ 23.99. when you cut the coupon on the page and the discount is reflected at checkout. At $ 23.99, Whitestone Dome is a great value. Whitestone Dome Glass is also available for iPhone XS and iPhone X at $ 23.99 and iPhone XR for $ 23.99.

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