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Retailers in Europe are raising the price of the upcoming NVIDIA RTX 3060 up to $ 853

NVIDIA’s upcoming RTX 3060 was an excellent value proposition. With 3584 CUDA cores, the performance was well placed between the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti, and the $ 329 MSRP made it one of the best value cards. Unfortunately for gamers, GPUs in 2021 are still a pipedream for most people. Some European retailers have already marked the card upwards of $ 600 USD (499 EUR), which is almost twice the premium over NVIDIA’s MSRP and 50% over the official European MSRP.

European dealers increase prices for the upcoming RTX 3060 by almost 50% compared to the official EU MSRP

The price increase was discovered by Videocardz user Determinator and posted by WhyCry. While NVIDIA is trying to get vendors to stick to MSRP by allocating cards to vendors who want to fulfill pre-orders on MSRP, retailers have taken the tactic of canceling said pre-orders and forcing customers to re-order at inflated prices. You can argue here that NVIDIA can really do nothing else in this situation while staying under the rules of a free market. While it may restrict or restrict future delivery to these suppliers “at your own discretion”, they can not really be seen as enforcing price terms for any retailer (which is against the law).

Some dealers in Europe have even raised the price of the RTX 3060 up to a massive $ 835 USD (or $ 689 EUR), which is completely insane, considering that it is almost three times the original MSRP at this time. In the screens before and after comparison, you can see that the original (already inflated) prices of RTX 3060 versus the new exorbitant price of PCDIGA – a European store:

We’ve heard that the RTX 3060 will have the most allocation of the entire NVIDIA 3000 series lineup so far, but given the booming cryptocurrency market (and mining) and the insane demand for GPUs, it’s hard to see how the free market will not continue to increase the prices of this incredibly valuable silicon. The sad fact from 2021 is that players are not as lucrative a customer for dealers as miners are – and as long as there is demand for these exorbitant prices, dealers will continue to mark these.

We have already seen Pakistani retailers sell the RTX 3060 (which has not even launched yet!) For $ 750 USD, and it is hard to see how the situation will improve soon given the current limited supply environment. The only hope for gamers seems to be pre-built, where you can regularly find prizes as low as 10% – which is almost nothing in 2021. Buying a pre-build may be the only way gamers can get some GPUs in years, considering large OEMs such as HP, Dell and Alienware have the resources (and willpower) to enforce affordable MSRPs.

Brick and mortar stores can also make a comeback, as it is not possible to scale through bots on a large scale in the real world, and you can actually pick up a decently specified pre-built at best. As prices increase, it may actually be cheaper to just buy prefabricated and sell the components you do not want, instead of buying a GPU directly.

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