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Resident Evil Village Photos Compare Lady Dimitrescu’s height to Ethan

Ethan Winters looks even smaller than expected next to the towering Lady Dimitrescu in a new set of outstanding photos for Resident Evil Village.

Some new ones outside the borders Resident Evil Village the pictures show how impressive Lady Dimitrescu̵

7;s height is compared to Ethan Winters. Resident Evil Village has been a great success for Capcom. Since its release, it has become one of the most successful Resident Evil games to date, and sold an incredible three million copies in just four days of release.

A lot of Resident Evil VillageThe success, especially as soon as it launches, can almost certainly be attributed to Lady Dimitrescu. When Capcom first decided to put the enchanting mistress of the village castle in front of the advertising campaigns, it was unprepared for how much attention she would get. The world went astray Resident Evil Village“Tall Vampire Lady”, which resulted in some very thirsty tweets and bizarre fantasies (to put it politely). Even Maggie Robertson, the actress who brought Lady Dimitrescu to life, was surprised by the sudden internet fascination with her character.

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Lots of media around Resident Evil VillageLady Dimitrescu was, and still is, focused on her height. At an impressive 9 ft 6 inches, Lady D easily stands head and shoulders above most characters in Resident Eviltheir universe, human or otherwise. But while it has always been known that she is tall, it is still quite alarming to see her actually next to others Resident Evil characters. This is definitely the case with some new photos from Twitter user BoundaryBreak. BoundaryBreak operates, as the name suggests, a channel that takes fans beyond the stated limits of various video game titles. In their latest set of Resident Evil Village images, the creator has managed to move the game’s camera from its traditional first-person perspective to that of a third-person. As such, Ethan Winter’s figure can be seen on the run from Lady Dimitrescu through her palatial castle, and he seems particularly small in stature for comparison.

Resident Evil VillageLady Dimitrescu is not the only one who has received this change in point of view comparison from BoundaryBreak. Using the same third-person perspective, BoundaryBreak has also shown how The Duke compares to Ethan, and the results of this view are possibly more surprising than Lady Dimitrescus. While Duke obviously has a more robust figure, his actual height has never been thought to be anything other than normal. However, it turns out that even VillageThe seller is higher than your average seller when it appears next to Ethan Winters.

What is even harder to miss in any of these sets with Resident Evil Village pictures, however, is the fact that Ethan Winter’s character model does not actually have in front of him. Capcom has always been careful to hide Ethan’s face at all times to keep players immersed in the game, but apparently this extended to the point that the developers did not even create a full body model for the unlikely hero.

Ser Resident Evil Village from this different angle really reveals how frightened Ethan must have felt in Lady Dimitrescu’s gigantic presence. Maybe it was lucky for Ethan that her role in the game was over pretty quickly, and his subsequent enemies were a little easier to see face to face. Imagine how the baby Rose must have felt.

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Resident Evil Village is now out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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