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Resident Evil Fan gives big points about Dead Space Remake

Interactions between Dead Space and Resident Evil fans lead to interesting discussions about the need for remake.

EAs Dead Space is a hot topic among gamers recently, as the series’ unexpected return brought waves in the horror game community. The first two Dead Space games are highly regarded as modern classics, and still like a big fan that follows today.

Dead Space is a critically acclaimed survival horror series set in a science fiction universe. EA recently announced a remake of the first Dead Space in the style of Capcoms Resident Evil 2 remake, and fans of both games point to some critical differences that could give horror fans a break.

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With the tenth anniversary of Dead Space 2 not long ago and Dead Space 3 After eight years since its release, it is safe to say that the series has been around for a relatively long time. However, some fans question whether a remake is the best approach to reviving the series, citing Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake as an example to compare and contrast against. A fan points out the dated controls and graphics of the original Resident Evil 2 as valid reasons for a remake, and questions whether games that came out much later like Dead Space and The last of us should be treated equally.

EA’s decision to revive Dead Space is interesting given the series’ history. After the original Dead SpaceSuccess EA wanted to ensure that the sequel would reach a wider audience with Dead Space 2 given a massive budget and a more action-oriented focus. After Dead Space 2critical success, Dead Space 3 changed the series significantly, adding microtransactions and multiplayer with the consequence of sharing the fan base. In the end, this led to little sales and the tragic closure of the Visceral Games development studio.

Inter-community debate between Dead Space and Resident Evil fanbases create interesting and important discussions about both horror game series, and about the nature of recreates in general. The general consensus seems to be that Dead Space has aged very well, and as of now it is unclear how much the resumption can provide in addition to vague history changes. Nevertheless, players will surely welcome Dead Space remake is missing loading screens.

The Dead Space the series is tense and scary, with the implementation of immersive horror elements that are constantly praised in the first two games’ fantastic reviews. The direction the remake will take is still relatively unclear, but the fact that the fan discussions around it range from excitement for a new game to discussions about what deserves a remake is undeniably exciting.

Dead Space Remake is under development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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