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Replace users Report problem with error 2123-1502 After system update problems

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Earlier this week, it was the notable occasion that Nintendo released a Switch firmware update that provided “general improvements to system stability to improve the user experience”. Then, in what appeared to be a first, problems arose and Nintendo paused the launch, and finally resumed distribution a few days later.

The issues with the original rollout were voiced by Nintendo to deal with connectivity issues and problems when adding new microSD cards. However, some users still have issues with version 1

2.0.3 despite Nintendo’s updated rollout, with error 2123-1502 when attempts to download games or updates fail.

We noticed a surprising number of users in the forum thread on the site, and there are some who are struggling to download games today. There’s also a long Reddit thread full of Switch owners with the issue and sharing potential solutions.

For those who have remarkable and ongoing issues, it is definitely worth contacting Nintendo Customer Services for assistance, while some are pointed to this page for a trial to try. Some also report that when a download is not processed, they just continue to select “try download” and it gradually works.

It should be noted that this seems to affect an unfortunate minority, but it is not an ideal look for Nintendo – which has usually been very reliable with its firmware updates over the years.

Have you experienced this issue since Nintendo released the firmware update? Let us know in the comments.

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