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Reddit stopped rogue r / WallStreetBets mods from taking over the community

Reddits r / WallStreetBets has grown significantly due to society’s role in raising the share prices of companies such as GameStop, AMC and Nokia, and the whole saga has garnered so much attention that there are currently many movies and a TV show going on. . But the increased attention has also burdened the r / WallStreetBets community itself, forcing Reddit to step in to sort it out.

The troubles started on Wednesday night New York Times, when some r / WallStreetBets moderators talked to each other about trying to get a movie deal. On Thursday morning, “the WallStreetBets moderators who reviewed the film deal began to start up other moderators who had questioned them in order to secretly try to profit from the forum̵

7;s success,” reports New York Times. A high-profile r / WallStreetBets post called the situation a coup, saying that the moderators the community “knows and loves” were thrown out.

At one point, Reddit stepped in to stop the takeover, and the company confirmed to The Verge that it had removed some r / WallStreetBets mods. The company says they broke rule five of the moderator’s guidelines, which read:

Stable and active layers of moderators:

Healthy society has moderators who are nearby to answer questions in the community and engage with admins.

The company would not share how many mods were removed. At the time of writing, there are 28 mods listed on the r / WallStreetBets mods page, and “in the last few weeks there have been a few dozen,” according to New York Times.

Reddit said it had to take action because of the instability the situation created for society, according to a message sent to r / WallStreetBets mods by Reddit which was obtained by Mashable. “We understand that many will be upset about our decisions today, but it was clear to us that an intervention was needed for the continued health of the r / wallstreetbets community,” read part of the report.

Mods removed by Reddit can not be immediately reinstated as moderators by r / WallStreetBets, the company says The Verge. Mods removed by the bad actors can be reintroduced as mods on r / WallStreetBets, but at the discretion of the current counter team. It is unclear which of the removed modes can return, or which are invited to do so.

Last week, Discord also had to step in to moderate a WallStreetBets community. The company banned the original r / WallStreetBets server due to “hateful and discriminatory content” and has helped the mature to the new with moderation.

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