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Red Dead Online Tips and Tricks Guide

Red Dead Online is here and it's as big and ambitious as Red Dead Redemption 2 . It also requires learning new things, even if you have invested dozens of hours in the campaign. In this guide, we help you get started, provide some details that Red Dead Online does not and give some advice on the best things to do to move on.

It's better together

In a game called Red Dead Online, you should play together. Others already do it, and a bag of three or four will beat a lone wolf pretty much every time. (We speak from experience. We only wanted our wolfskin, but they jerks stole it and killed us.).

If you want this kind of lonely happiness like Red Dead Redemption 2 can offer, singleplayer is your mode. It is best to treat Red Dead Online as the multiplayer game as it is. And we'll come across how to do it below.

What to do in Red Dead Online

What can not you do? Just about all you can do in offline offline Red Dead Redemption 2 is available in Red Dead Online. You can still hunt, get a hairstyle, hunt for treasure and play storytelling. The main difference here is that you should do this while living in the same world as other players (some of them want to kill you just for fun).

There are many quests, events and distractions that are also unique to Red Dead Online. These include:

  • Story Missions . History assignments appear on the map as the same yellow circles as in singleplayer Red Dead Redemption 2 . These are larger, sometimes multilingual missions that fill out the story of Red Dead Online.
  • Free Roam Missions . These are the icons on the map that look like a stick figure that leads a cab. Free Roam Missions is Red Dead Online corresponding to Stranger Missions. You get a (relatively) simple task ̵
    1; sometimes with a timer to complete it – and a corresponding little reward.
  • Free Roam Events . Free Roam Events are player-versus-playing challenges that will appear from time to time as you walk the world. (It's in the name: You're freezing and an event you can join.) They're not space-based, but you'll only get a notification at the top left of the screen and you can opt-in.
  • Race Series . You see these on your map as a chessed flag icon. In these horse races you will challenge others in three types of races: Lap Races, Point-to-Point, and Open Races.
  • Showdown Series . The Showdown Series appears on the map as icons with either two or three people on them, depending on the size of the teams involved (small teams are Showdown Series, and large teams are Showdown Series Large). This is the more traditional online game game of Red Dead Online, and they get their own section.

What You Can not Do In Red Dead Online

Pause the game.

Showdown Series Events

Showdown Series events are team-based, competitive games where you play with matched strangers, your Posse (more on Posses below) or a combination of these.

At the launch there are several Showdown Series modes:

  • Hostile Territory . These games are games for game in zone. Your team must capture the areas on the map and defend them against the opponents.
  • Makes it okay . One last who stands, bends and arrows or throws only knives, limited ammunition match where the game field is constantly shrinking. (It's Red Dead Online Battle Royale.)
  • Most Wanted . Most Wanted works a lot like Shootout, but the higher your point (kills), the more points will kill you.
  • Name your weapon . These games act as Shootout or Most Wanted matches, but your points depend on the weapon you are using – thrown weaponry is worth more than shotgun killing, for example.
  • Shootout. This is a basic, one-on-one shootout where the player with the highest deadline wins.
  • Team Shootout . Team Shootout is like Shootout, but it's team-to-team.

Posses Jobs

Posses is a way to associate with other players. They always include a Posse Leader who sets up Posse, but one is more, well, hardcore than the other.

There are two types:

  • Temporary Posses are free to set up, have a limit of four players and disappear when the Posse Leader ends. Think of them as a quick and easy way to get your friends together.
  • Pending Posses cost you the currency to create a maximum of seven players, remaining after the Posse Leader ends and is available again when the Posse Leader is online. Think of them as the kind of thing that serious players will create to customize their posses, play against other posses and even fight against each other with Posse Versus.

To create a Posse, tap left on the D-pad and select Form Posse from the menu. You can use the Player section in the same menu to add Pose Members.

How does Camps work?

Solo players have a Player Camp which is like a hybrid between the gang camp in the campaign Red Dead Redemption 2 than ad hoc Camp you can create in the wilderness during the campaign. If you are in a bag, you have a Posse Camp .

Camps offers a safe place to rest – as long as you find and elevate white flag – access to your closet, a place to cook and cook – and after upgrading even quick travel.

If you purchase certain items like ammunition from Handheld Catalog (it is in your impeller or you can press and hold left on the D-pad), they will appear in a Delivery Box in your camp. (You can also pick up these deliveries at a post office.)

It is worth noting that other items like weapons appear in your warehouse or saddlebags instead of being sent by mail.

Glory in Red Dead Online

] As in Red Dead Redemption 2 your actions will affect your honor in Red Dead Online. Some of these actions will be obvious – as if leaving someone who is tied up on the train tracks – while others are more subtle (yet intuitive) – like associating with your horse.

Honor can affect the quests you are asked to complete. If you have maintained a high honor, you will get more white hat missions to protect your carriages, but if you go against the incredible end of the spectrum, you are given the task of breaking fellow human beings without imprisonment.

The Best Way to Make Money

After completing the intro mission, turn left on the D-pad to open the Free Roam menu. Scroll down to Quick Join and select Story Mission On-Call. Feel free to do this with our without friends in Posse (aka Fireteam). These missions seem to cover four, so a full, 4-person posse can not join.

We've expanded this process, allowing you to join others and play story assignments, in our guide to earning Red Dead Online, and you'll get more details there. The result: You will earn good money to help others, but there are limits.

Do not think about getting wealthy, get all you want – almost all the items in the handheld catalog are fenced behind your level. And to earn levels, you need XP.

The Best Way to Earn XP

The short answer here is the same as above: Continue to make Story Missions and make you available to match other people's story assignments. You can not make a lot of money every time, but that XP will add up.

Parley and Feuds

The world of Red Dead gives a certain degree of lawlessness. You will be shot for no apparent reason. You are steering down the street. It happens.

  Parley mode lasts for 10 minutes.

Rockstar Games via Polygon

But if takes place there is a system to help you prepare it and bring a small law to lawlessness. If you and another player end up in a cycle of murder and revenge (or murder and loyalty), you will trigger one of two possibilities.

  • Parley . When a player triggers this mode, you will end up face-to-face with your enemy, but you will not be able to use your weapons. You are left with 10 minutes to talk (parley) through your problems with your mouthwords instead of your gunbullets.
  • Feud . Both players must choose to Feuds. If both players accept, they are thrown into a three-minute, player-to-player shootout. The one who gets the highest kill count wins.

The Parley or Feud option appears after you have been killed by someone four times. After you have either concluded, you and your ailments (or the person you bother and you) can go straight back to killing each other. But you will get the Parley and Feud options before.

Eternity Card

  Red Dead Online Paint The Black Ability Card

Rockstar Games via Polygon

Red Dead Online Ability Cards gives you, well, abilities – effects, technical. Put a card in a slot and you get it effect.

You can purchase opportunity cards from the Capabilities menu (which is in the main menu). You get your first opportunity card free during initial quests, and the next pair costs $ 50 each from the menu. You can also equip (or unequipere) those from this menu as well.

The first opportunity card slot you unlock is for (and called) Dead Eye. It's active, which means you must invoke Dead Eye to use it. (Later you will unlock passive eternity slots, whose effects are always active.)

Unlike the campaign, Dead Eye does not reduce time in Red Dead Online (because this game is online and it would not work). Instead, you get something like Dead Eye you're probably used to, but with a twist. For example:

  • Paint It Black Ability Card allows you to paint targets while in Dead Eye.
  • Focus Fire I Ability Card allows you and your team members to "deal a little more harm" while using Dead Eye.
  • The A Moment to Recuperate Ability Card slowly regenerates your health when using Dead Eye.

You also have a level up opportunity card that you get XP. (You can see XP that you have achieved when you swing over the card in the Eve Card menu.) Each card has three levels (or tier), and each improves the ability.

You want to unlock more places for cards in Rank 10 (1. Passive), 20 (2. Passive) and 40 (3. Passive). You will also unlock more opportunity cards when you rank. You can buy new Dead Eye Ability cards on Ranger 24, 44 and 50, for example.


It feels like basically everything you do in Red Dead Online will ultimately lead to an Award. Picking plants will earn you an Award. Eating plants earns you an Award. Shooting people earn you an Award. And prices are Belt Buckles (which are cosmetic, but oh-so fancy).

Horse Insurance

You must purchase Horse Insurance during the introductory assignment. Technically, the insurance gives your horse "auto-restore over time if it is critically damaged." Practically speaking, the horse you buy will not die and disappear forever. It will heal on time.

If an uninsured horse you own "dies", you must pay to heal them on a stall. If you have insurance, there is no fee.

It's a good policy. But you have to buy it for each horse, and the cost seems to be based on the horse's quality. If you have a very good horse, it will cost you tons of gold bars.

Be patient

Remember that Rockstar releases Red Dead Online as a beta. That means things can and will go wrong. We've seen that happen, from connection problems to missing loot and XP from missions and even a missing minimap.

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