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Red Dead Online battle royal is slow, excited, and nothing like fortnite

The explosive popularity of Fortnite and PUBG means that battle royale has become an genre in itself. This year, some of the biggest names in game have captured battle royale, ranging from Call of Duty 's quick fights to Supercell's mobile friendly Brawl Stars . Now, Rockstar is coming into action with Red Dead Online multiplayer spinoff for Red Dead Redemption 2 .

The red apple of Red Dead Online is its history-driven free roam mode, it also offers a range of competitive options, including a BR style mode called "make it count". It may have been inspired by Battle Royal Blockbusters, but it gives something very different. If you feel overwhelmed by Fortnite Red Dead Online offers something easier, slower and much more accustomed.

There are two important things to know about "make it count." One, the last male matches are relatively small, with groups of either 1

6 or 32 players fighting it out. Secondly, you are extremely limited when it comes to weapons. This is not a game where you are lost on an island and you can erect buildings for all kinds of weapons and grenades. Instead, you get a bow and a knife, and that's it. Having said that, it has a steadily shrinking gameplay that forces players to get closer to each other when the game continues.

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This structure means that everyone plays very carefully. There is a lot of crochet behind the cover and waiting for the perfect shot. People who run around tend to be those who are out of battle quickly. The modem's map facilitates this kind of gameplay very well. Every place where I played contained many spots for covers, my favorite was a tobacco farm with dense fields that I could walk through. It's an incredible excitement when someone runs away from you and does not even notice you in the midst of the thick foliage.

"Make it count" has a tension that is largely absent from many other combat royal games. When I die in Fortnite it's not so big thing; at least I gained some experience and turned out a few camp-challenge challenges. But Red Dead Online is included with much more singular focus. The only goal is to survive and be the last person standing. I had an amazing moment that played yesterday when I made it to the last three, and another player saw me at the same time as I saw them. We both pulled out our arches and kicked at the same time and killed each other and gave the third player victory.

The only disadvantage of this more methodical style of combat royale is that it's not necessarily fun to look at. Like others in the genre, "make it count" offers a viewing mode after you are eliminated from a match. But looking at someone who is behind a wooden box for five minutes is not that enjoyable. With the right seaver tools, I could see it becoming a better spectator experience, but right now there is not much to look at.

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Unfortunately, with the way Red Dead Online handles its competitive modes, you can not just jump into a round of "make it count." Instead, the game has playlists, which earns up modes as accidentally. Aside from Battle Royale, Red Dead Online offers a fairly standard list of competitive alternatives, ranging from a team-based mode where you must capture territory, to a consistent battle where you try to pick up most kills. This is good, but it's frustrating not to be able to play what you want.

Of course, Red Dead Online is still in a fairly early beta; it does not even open to all Red Dead Redemption 2 players until tomorrow. So there is a good chance that it will change and improve over time. And I hope it does. The essence of the experience is so intense and exciting to "make it count" maybe just be my favorite part of Red Dead Online so far. You only get a single bow, but it turns out that it's more than enough.

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