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Reason behind Black Ops 4 Does not have a campaign

The release of the latest Call of Duty title is less than a month away now and fans have a lot to look up from Black Ops 4. Perhaps one thing they are not and not looking forward to anymore is the traditional campaign , which was thrown for the first time in the series. The main reason that led to such a decision has just been clearly explained by developers' Studio Heads.

David Vonderhaar and Dan Bunting disclosed Game Informer while talking about "What happened to Black Ops 4's campaign." According to Dan Bunting, developers tried to work with it, but it did not exactly work out. Then emphasized that Black Ops 4 went through the prototyping stage of the development process to test the idea that the campaign did not exactly train something that led developers to follow the ideas that actually did.

Meanwhile, it was also pointed out to the interviewers that the timing of the ditching campaign and bringing the battle royal mode to light did not seem to be a coincidence for people. According to previous reports, Blackout was favored instead of the traditional campaign for Black Ops 4.

In this issue, Dan Bunting expressed that Black Ops 4 has been through an evolution when the development of the game so different aspects. In addition, he admitted that the studio was not able to do a good enough campaign so they decided to switch to what works right for them.

Vonderhaar suggested that this change is quite normal for Black Ops 4 as even the game's royal mode has changed along the way. David explains that that's what video games do all the time by varying their focus as the development process goes on.

Finally, Bunting insisted on giving Black Ops 4 as a game with all sorts of opportunities, but in its final comments, he recognized that it probably took place for the right reasons and the game might have evolved over time.

As it is said, the fans may not have endured their love for the traditional campaign, but developers are surely over what they now think it has no place in the game. It has even been supported as an advantage of not having the campaign in the upcoming game. Perhaps the fans would also decide to continue with it when the last title rolls out on October 1


Source: GameSpot

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