Razer make a smartphone? A few years ago, the idea was successful, but last year we brought the surprising debut to the first generation Razer Phone, a solidly equipped Android game handset with an extra high-speed update. A follow-up unit looks like a reasonable idea, and earlier this month we received confirmation that Razer is planning such a smartphone. Today, we begin to learn how it will debut, as Razer sends out storage dates for a 10th October event.

At first glance, you would be forgiven to feel somewhat unsure of what Razer plans to show up here – after all, the company has a wide product platform, which we can use the flagship and gaming labels.

But then you take a step back and realize the green frame that describes this invitation is not a simple boundary and has the story holes of the Razer Phone volume buttons: we look at a smartphone's silhouette.

Further support for the idea that this event will be premiere to Razer Phone 2 comes to the end of a leaked reprisal that takes place earlier this week. Although it does not give us much to look at, largely reflects the design of the first generation Razer Phone, we see the phone set for this same October 10th date. Coincidence? We do not believe.