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Rare Gundam graphics card wasted on Crypto Mining

I can not explain it. I can not justify it. But I understand Gundam fans̵

7; weird attachments to the special edition GeForce RTX 3080 Gundam graphics card. They are steaky but elegant and come in a sleek titanium white. They are also almost impossible to find, which is why some people fall for watching them put into operation anonymous cryptocurrency mining.

As first reported by VideoCardzthe expensive GPUs were recently discovered on Nguyenconpc PC store in Vietnam is packed in cases like sardines, presumably to be resold as custom crypto mining rigs. Announced last year, Asus RTX 3080 Gundam card is pure fan service, with extremely limited quantities pushing them to resell for $ 2000- $ 3000 on sites like eBay. (The most basic RTX 3080 models have a $ 699 MSRP, though of course you won’t find them that small these days.)

The Gundamedition The 3080s do not have special soup-up specifications, but these cards are particularly attractive to miners since they were created before Nvidia started artificially restricted card mining. It’s a bummer too Gundam fans who would like to get hold of these great GPUs, but who now probably will not get the chance.

While pandemic-related supply chain problems and the crypto boom have it put a lot of pressure in the graphics card market in the last year, both of these factors slowly decreasing. Nvidia, for example, has made moves silo its crypto mining customers from general PC gaming enthusiasts and reduce the efficiency of mining with their latest cards. Meanwhile, certain cryptocurrencies, Ethereum apparently one, are set to move to one much less power-intensive mining system later this year.

While these changes are good for the environment and for people trying to build or upgrade their gaming PCs, it’s probably too late for this current, limited round of Gundam 3080 GPUs. Of course, it is not like there is a shortage of white paint and Gundam decals in the world, so hopefully Asus gets the message and decides to bring it back Gundam The RTX line in a much richer way at a future date.

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