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Queen guitarist Brian May is also an astrophysicist

"New horizons to explore."

971, May studied astrophysics.

" When I finished my dissertation, it was just the Queen's beginning and I had to make that choice. And my choice was based on the assumption that I was not very good at physics, and I can be quite good at music, "said May to Time, according to a print published Wednesday.

The dissertation he had worked on was about dust "Over the years, the interest in the zodiac grew, grew and grew again," he told Time.

"Suddenly my motive again became very much in demand. I started talking about astronomy again to people who said, "Why don't you still do that?" I put everything, and I mean everything, on hold for a year. And they put me in a small office in Imperial College [in London] and I got to it, "May said to Time.

In 2007, he took his Ph.D. study

On Monday, Mays two worlds were officially collided: he launched the song "New Horizons" to honor NASA's spacecraft of the same name, which on the first day of the new year, Tuesday flew past Ultima Thule, the "farthest goal in The story ", according to NASA. (The official video of Mays song and lyrics is included below.)" 19659003] "New horizons performed as planned today, carry out the worst exploration of a world in history – 4 billion miles from the sun," said missionary chief researcher Alan Stern, from the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, according to a written statement.

Can meet Stern through a friend, he tells Time, early 2015.

"He called me about six months ago and said, "Is there any chance that you can make music for the new airfield?" And I said very nervously, "Okay, let me think about it." There aren't many things like rhyme with Ultima Thule, "may joked to Time."

"But I went away and thought about it. And what struck me was how inspiring the whole project was from the point of view of the human spirit of breath. So that's really what I wrote this song about, as a tribute to the New Horizons team. "

Both towers in May are branched careers are extraordinary, but the fact that you have more professional courses in a career is not.

It is difficult to know just how many career workers will have in their lifetimes – The Federal Government does not even attempt to track such statistics. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has never attempted to estimate the number of times people change careers during their working life. The reason we have not produced such estimates is that no consensus has emerged on what constitutes a career change, "says the federal government's work department. But career site information LinkedIn shows that younger workers tend to change jobs more than theirs. Older cohorts in the first decade outside of college. "Millennials work hopping more than previous generations. The case closed, "says 2016 LinkedIn.

While changing careers can become more commonplace, it's not easy. Even may the jitters bend their astrological muscles.

" I'm going to hang out with real astronomers, something which is great, but I still have that type, what do they call it, impostor syndrome. I am in this plenary meeting with all New Horizon's people, these teams come together and I keep thinking about myself: "Should I really be here? Am I really worthy of being with these guys?" "Can Tell Time.

" So Music Helps Now I have a reason why I can keep my head and say I played a role in this. "

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