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QuakeCon 2018 provides an extended look at Rage 2

Bethesda gave Rage 2 its moment in focus under the QuakeCon 2018 keynote address, offering a seven-minute extended look at the upcoming shooter and all sorts of fresh details. If you like your apocalypse full of crazy vehicles, crazy weapons, crazy villains and crazy action, then Rage 2 can be played for you.

Covering everything from DOOM Eternal to The Elder Scrolls Online and beyond, this year's QuakeCon has proven to be a treasure trove of information for all things Bethesda. They are clearly trying to make sure that Rage 2 gets everyone's attention, as the video above was one of the main components of the event's main conference. In this we get some details about the game's history, which is set 30 years after the first Rage . You have been forced to leave your home and, as is usually the case in these games, you will be throwing out quite a few of the world's fractions.

In the video, we see that the player is attacking a hostile convoy, and calling a steady upgrade pod down from the room. Along the way, we take a look at Overdrive and Shatter abilities, many crazy weapons and a faction of enemies known as The Goon Squad. The open world will be filled with different fractions, each with its own challenges and attacks. As far as the over-the-top shooters go, it looks like Rage 2 is included nicely.

What's very interesting is that Avalanche and ID Software's individual fingerprints are all over this game. As for id, they were behind the original Rage who did not receive much love from fans or critics. And then it's Avalanche, who recently worked on Mad Max the game that people seemed to enjoy, but again did not get much attention. It feels like someone in Bethesda looked at a side-by-side video of these two games and then had a light bulb moment, deciding to break them together to create something new that exploits both of their forces. [19659005] Just looking at this latest recorder, the avalanche seems to refine its best ideas and make Mad Max 2 but put into the lesser-known world of id Rage . The result feels bigger, faster and more explosive than any of these qualities on its own, which may end up being a top scorer.

Just revealed a few months ago after an unlucky mini-concert from Andrew W.K. in front of an E3 audience who unfortunately was not ready to fix hard, this second look at Rage 2 seems even more promising than the first. We get a better feel for the game and its crazy world, which surely seems to be a lot of fun. Set for launch sometime next spring, we are looking forward to following this carefully. [19659007]
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