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Quake Champions is now permanently free to play

At QuakeCon earlier today, Bethesda announced that the Quake Champions game launched as an early title last year is now available for free. The game will remain free for all of its existence, giving everyone the chance to play the latest development of the Quake screenplay game originally launched in 1996.

Quake Champions is a first-person shooter as in initially launched as a beta in 2017, later as a Steam Early Access game. The title was developed by ID Software and published by Bethesda, with the studio previously saying that it would make the game free to play. That promise was applied to the game's full start, which occurred today.

The announcement was made by ID Studio Director Tim Willits at QuakeCon 201

8 today, revealing that anyone can download the free edition now. But serious fans also have the opportunity to buy a package to unlock all Champions directly for $ 29.99. There is a discount in place via Steam the next few days which brings the price down to $ 19.79.

In a statement to IGN Willits revealed that Champions Pack could end up as a time-limited offer. Anyone who buys it will automatically get any future Champions who are released, though. The previously available starter package is no longer offered.

Quake Champions is available now at Steam and via Bethesda.net.

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