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PUGB vs. Fortnite: Understand the debate

In the last few weeks, you may have heard someone safe saying that Fornite is better than PUBG. But what does it really mean, what is the argument here and who is right?

In the many months now, a furious debate has taken the game world by storm. And much to the annoyance of many non-players, have entered talks everywhere.

For those who do not know, Fortnite and PUGB, which is short for Player's Unknown Battlegrounds, belong to the now-popular Battle Royale genre of computer games. The goal of the game is to be the last remaining player or team by eliminating other players or just surviving to the end.

The main argument is what game is the better Battle Royale game. PUBG was the first game to popularize the Battle Royale genre and brought it into the spotlight. Fortnite, on the other hand, exploded in popularity at the release and soon became the most popular Battle Royale Game on the market.

What is the difference between the two games that have the same goals and goals? Although both games may seem alike, they offer radically different game experiences and playing styles.

The biggest difference between the two is not found in gameplay, it is found in the differences between the two as products. Fortnite is free to play and is available on all game consoles. PUBG usually costs $ 40 and is currently only available on Xbox One and PC.

PUBG is the more realistic of the two. The art style tries to look as close as possible to the reality. The towns and landscapes resemble abandoned civilians and players match more real limitations. For example, you need a backpack to carry more items, and you need gas exchanges to fill up cars.

Personally, I love this game as long periods of sneaking and the uneven moments just stand to increase periods of high adrenaline effect. This game starts slowly and builds up excitement and momentum as you play through it, like a classic thriller movie, where it solves a big climax in the final stages of the game.

Fortnite, the second and more popular of The two games has a more cartoon style. The game feels much more like a classic arcade game, where players constantly zigzagging and jumping back and forth during the matches.

Fortnite also introduced a building mechanic to the game, adding a team of complexity. Players get material in the game and use them to build different constructions. Fortnite players have created walls for cover, stairs to climb in the mountains and even giant logs.

I love to play Fortnite with my friends and I probably play this game more often. Wackiness of the aesthetics always gives a good laugh, and the building aspect adds a great team of skill and creativity to the game. Fortnite matches are also usually shorter and more intense throughout the game. With a smaller map, there will be more meetings with enemies and a much faster game.

I think both games are good in their own ways. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but because of the different games actually, it will be difficult to say who is "better", as both are better at different things.

Due to the drastic difference in playing styles, fans of both games are usually extremely loyal to their personal favorite of the two.

Fans of both games are quick to criticize the opposition and fan base. Comments like "Our game came first." Or "Our game broke multiple records." Has been thrown back and forth between fanbases with none of the pages that want to admit.

In January 201

8, Bluehole, the company behind PUBG, filed a lawsuit against Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, for copyright infringement. This only continued to burn the fire between the two groups of players.

Despite the lawsuit, both games continue to grow bigger and stronger. PUBG is set to launch its third chart this summer. And even with one map, Fortnite adds and changes the map all the time to keep a new and exciting feeling for the game.

Whichever game you prefer, it's undeniable that Fortnite and PUBG have shed new light on the Battle Royale player, and it just looks as if it's getting bigger.

With more popular game titles announcing that they will include a royale mode battle in their next installment, the future looks bright for the big fans of the game everywhere.

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