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PS5 Restock on Target Catches Fans Off Guard

PlayStation 5 had a new recovery earlier today in the Target store window, which means that many more fans who have been patiently waiting to pick up Sony’s next generation console, had a new opportunity to finally get one for themselves. And while some fans happened to end up landing a PS5, others were heavily captivated by this new sale on Target, mainly because of how early in the day it happened.

Social media was filled with reactions today from many PlayStation fans as they tried to capture a PS5 on Target. Some fans assumed that there could be a reconstruction on Target thanks to rumors circulating, and as such they were ready to bounce when the consoles actually became available. Others, especially those on the west coast, were shocked to see this warehouse happen so early in the morning, and as such, they realized that they had been completely missed when they noticed.

As a whole, getting the PS5 anywhere is still a big task. Fortunately, it seems that many stocks of this type happen more often, which means that it will hopefully not be long before everyone who wants a PS5 can finally get one.

Did you accidentally land a PS5 in this warehouse on Target, or are you still looking for the console? Let me know either in the comments or post me on Twitter at @ MooreMan1


Conversely, you need to keep reading to see some of the reactions from many who wanted to get a PlayStation 5 on Target today.

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