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PS5 Lack Can Be Worse After Suez Canal Fiasco

PlayStation 5 may soon be even shorter after a large freight container was loaded into the Suez Canal, causing disruption to routes that run through the popular waterway.

The cargo ship “Ever given” was finally released on Monday after being stuck in the Suez Canal for almost a week. The high-traffic waterway is located 75 miles east of Cairo and facilitates much of the direct traffic between Europe and Asia. The BBC reports that an estimated $ 9.6 billion dollars of goods were held up every day due to the blockade.

Prior to the failure, a global shortage of computer chips led to price increases and delays in the supply of electronic goods such as mobile phones, cars and game consoles. In February, Sony blamed the lack of chips for the limited supply of the new game console, which was launched in November to high demand.

The cable reported in February that it was so difficult to buy the game console, many users used internet bots and retailers to catch one. The next-generation console can be purchased at select retailers for $ 399 USD for the digital edition or $ 499 USD for the Ultra-HD Blu-Ray disc drive, although they are often sold out.

According to Business Insider, the lack of PS5 consoles may be exacerbated by disruptions in the global supply chain caused by the blocked ship. It is not known if Ever Given had PS5 items or parts, but it is likely that shipments from Asia will experience temporary delays.

Earlier this month, Sony unveiled its next-generation VR controller for the PS5, with prototypes of the new controller soon to be delivered across the development community.

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