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PS5 consoles may soon be much easier to buy

If you’ve had trouble securing a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you are definitely not alone. In the run-up to Christmas, the offer was disappointingly small, and new consoles mostly sold out the moment they went in stock anywhere. For PlayStation 5, we can at least see that these stocks are light in the new year – at least provided a new report is to be believed.

According to DigiTimes (via Gematsu), Sony managed to ship 3.4 million PlayStation 5 devices worldwide in the console’s first four weeks of availability, which is definitely an impressive number. PlayStation 5 was released in the US, Japan, Australia, South Korea and New Zealand on November 12, while traveling to Europe and other regions of the world on November 1

9. It’s important that the figure omits the last couple of weeks before Christmas, so it would not be surprising to hear that the total PS5 shipments are a little higher now.

Of course, the PS5 sells as fast as Sony and its production partners can produce stock, but it looks like production will get a boost in the new year as well. DigiTimes’ report also says that PS5 production is expected to reach 16.8 to 18 million units by 2021, which will be helped by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) which gives AMD more foundry capacity to produce PS5’s CPU.

The hope is that downstream production with this extra foundry capacity will also be able to increase. While PS5 shares will still be difficult to obtain in the coming weeks and months, it may not be too long before the stock starts to meet demand – provided, of course, that the DigiTimes report (which is based on claims from “industry sources”) is exact.

For now, though, the PS5 is very difficult to get hold of, and although we are officially on the other side of the holiday trading season, we do not expect stock issues to be eased in the least. If you’re trying to secure a console for yourself, check out our guide to tips and tricks for beating scalps, robots, and your usual human competition.

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