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PS4 vs Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One: Best Console or 2018

Sony and Microsoft's current gene consoles are evident until the end of their life cycles, with both PS4 and Xbox One likely set to receive successors within the next couple of years. While companies can pack up production on the systems in the relatively near future, 2018 has still seen some strong reasons to buy both systems. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch hoped to set up his star solution year with a little more magic. But how successful was that?

We've been reviewing the last year with games, hardware updates, new features, software support and announcements to consider which console had the best 201

8. That's PS4 vs : Which console was looking better than their competitors this year?


A console is nothing without their games.

 ps4 vs nintendo switch vs xbox one best game

PS4 game in 2018

PS4 had an impressive year for software, with God of War as one of the greatest console emissions ever and topping GameRevolution's Game of the Year list. Although 2017 had more consistent multi-platform efforts, most of which were mainly played on PS4, Spider-Man really enjoyed the balance of Sony's favor this year. This was also a great year for the series Yakuza with both Yakuza 6 and Yakuza Kiwami 2 to find significant audiences in the West, and both exclusively solely on the Sony console.

Nintendo Switch games in 2018

Nintendo Switch & # 39; a 2017 was phenomenal, and it was always difficult to compete with a launch year that boasts Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild . Pokemon Let's go! Pikachu and Eevee were a bit disappointing, but turned out to be a big hit in terms of sales, though Super Smash Bros Ultimate was the final Smash game. Octopath Traveler gave traditional JRPG fans something to shout about, while Mario Tennis Aces was a unique sports title that illuminated the summer.

Xbox One Games in 2018

As always seems to be the case, Xbox One had a rocky year in terms of new releases. Forza Horizon 4 was expected fantastic, though Sea of ​​Thieves failed to live up to both the hype and Rares famous story, despite acquiring a small but dedicated player base . PUBG also released out of the Game Preview program in September, but at this point Fortnite had completely overtaken the royal leader of the former struggle. Xbox One X made sure more platform games look and perform better on the Xbox, but the lack of exclusive really damaged the console this year.

Winner: PS4

Although the Switch had some great games this year, God of War is a bona fide classic and supports PS4's already raising the line-up of the exclusive.


Hardware upgrades, new accessories and controls give players new ways to experience their games.

 ps4 vs xbox one vs nintendo switch best hardware

PS4 hardware in 2018 [19659007] PS4 Pro continues to be a sensible start-up for PlayStation owners, but it's still overshadowed by it definitely more Impressive Xbox One X. While Pro makes sure the PS4 games look nicer, it's not so big of a leap as "Real 4K" X, and the outdated hardware of the original PS4 is only noticeable in poorly optimized games like Fallout 76 . Sony forced the Pro with the release of the PS4 Pro CUH-7200, a quieter version of the system, but it was not a dramatic improvement.

The PSVR has had a surprising amount of support over Sony's love of giving up on peripherals, with Astro Bet Rescue Mission giving the virtual reality headset with its first critically acclaimed release. VR still isn't as big as many thought it would be, but it's good to see that PSVR still gets some love.

Nintendo Switch Hardware in 2018

The Nintendo switch is only in its second year, so there are no drastic upgrades came this year (it's apparently happening in 2019). Instead, it's the same amazing handheld / home console hybrid it was launching, with a GameCube control adapter introduced to the de-hard Smash Bros players. We still love to play all of our favorite games while on the move and there is really nothing more like that in the market right now.

Xbox One Hardware in 2018

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a fantastic set of kits that make it possible to play video games more accessible than ever before, and the Xbox team should be commended for their progress in this often overlooked area. Designed for the disabled, the Adaptive Controller simplifies user inputs so everyone can enjoy games on the console. The Xbox One X also continued to impress, with which Red Dead Redemption 2 looks much more impressive on Microsoft's console.

Winner: Nintendo Switch

Xbox Adaptive Controller is a forward-thinking thinking invention that was the only real game changer in console hardware this year. However, the Nintendo switch continues to impress with its portability, and in 2018 we got even more games we could take with us on the go. Being able to hear it in Smash Bros Ultimate while commuting feels like the future.


Software updates, updates, new applications and features help a console keep up with the times.

 Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox One vs PS4 Best Online

PS4 Support in 2018

Finally, Sony rolled out platform games in 2018, although it is still in the beta test phase and limited to Fortnite . PS Plus offered some decent free games, including Destiny 2 Bloodborne and Black Ops 3 but nothing to set the world going. Sony also continues to overlook PS Now, a streaming service that may be helpful if it was given attention.

Nintendo Switch Support in 2018

Nintendo Switch Online was introduced in 2018, and that's … ok. It's cheaper than both PS Plus and Xbox Live, but it also lacks features. We don't like the cloud saving being locked behind a paywall, and the NES classics offered as part of the subscription are all the games everyone will get to know now. The lack of headphone and microphone support is also annoying, for example, when using a smartphone app (or preferably Discord) to talk to friends while playing, you add unnecessary complication.

Xbox One Support in 2018

Games with Gold offered some good titles this year, including For Honor Battlefield 1 and The Witness although Xbox Game Pass really hit it out of the park. Works like the video game similar to Netflix, so many great games launched on Game Pass on day one that gave incredible value for money. Forza Horizon 4 Sea of ​​Thieves State of Decay 2 and several each made their way to the service on the launch day, with the likes of Halo Infinite and Gears 5 set to offer the same when they are released. If Microsoft can convince high-profile third-party developers to do the same, Game Pass will be huge.

Winners: Xbox One

The Xbox Game Pass is a huge service and really offered something valuable to its subscribers. With consoles that charge service owners that they can get on their PCs for free, it was interesting to see Microsoft really looking to offer value for money that trounced its competitors' options.


What is it to look forward to in each console's future that was revealed this year?

 ps4 vs xbox a vs nintendo switch best new games

PS4 Announcements in 2018

Sony E3 2018 was underwhelming, with the company running through a bunch of fans for games that we already know come, and only provide minimal updates for the most anticipated upcoming titles. The revelation that Resident Evil 2 remake would come out in January 2019 was nice, but as it also launched on Xbox One, it was almost not the only thing we hoped for. The Last of Us 2 still looks great, although we have not yet received a release date for it, and we still have no idea what Death Stranding is.

While Sony did reveal that it would address a number of long-standing issues such as the inability to change PSN names and cross-platform games, there were not many new announcements this year. Sony even announced it would not hold its PlayStation Experience experience this year because it didn't have enough games to show. It's a disappointment, but the PS4 had to go down at some point.

Nintendo Switch Messages in 2018

There is a lot to look forward to in the future for Nintendo Switch owners. Although the company's E3 2018 focused mainly on Super Smash Bros Ultimate we got a trailer and release window for Fire Emblem: Three Houses and future Nintendo Directs have also made a number of exciting disclosures. We now know that a Animal Crossing sequel comes to Switch in 2019 along with Luigi's Mansion with Pokemon Switch RPG also set to launch next year.

Xbox One Announcements in 2018

The Xbox One had an impressive display on E3 2018, with Halo Infinite and Gears 5 both being revealed, along with the announcement that they will be launched on the Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has also secured a number of new first-rate developers, including Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Compulsion Games, and Undead Labs, along with forming a new studio called The Initiative. All in all, even though 2018 was not a solid year for Xbox One, there are a few games along the way and some interesting new acquisitions that set Microsoft up for the Xbox One successor.

Winner: Nintendo Switch [19659013] Nintendo continues to give us the games we want to watch on Switch, and this doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. We can't wait to play Animal Crossing on the switch, and Fire Emblem is one of the company's most consistent franchises, so 2019 appears to be a solid year for the console. 19659002]

PS4 vs Nintendo vs Xbox One: Winner

And the winner is …

 Nintendo Switch best console 2018

Nintendo Switch

PS4 had a great year thanks be the release of classic exclusives such as God of War and Yakuza Kiwami 2 but the Nintendo Switch just switches into gear and enjoys another stellar year. Its sales have surpassed the PS4s within the same time period, new announcements such as Animal Crossing and Luigi & # 39; s Mansion 3 keep the future exciting and there is still a thrill to take full console game with you on the go.

Microsoft now clearly sees the future and the next Xbox, and we can't wait to see what it does with the Xbox Game Pass and streaming game plans. The PS4 is also wrapped up and unpacked its current series of announced games before moving on to the PS4 sequel. This means that the Nintendo Switch is a likely winner and it still has a lot to offer this current console generation, even though Nintendo still impresses with its system plans.

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