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PS4 PSN servers are down right now

PlayStation Network is currently experiencing an error, which means that many people can not play games online or access other services related to Sony's networking. The status status page for the PlayStation Network service currently indicates that "some services are experiencing issues." The list of services experiencing account management, gaming and social issues, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Music, and PlayStation Store is not available.

"You may have trouble logging in or creating an account on PlayStation Network," read a message on the service page. "Our engineers work to resolve the issue as soon as possible and we thank you for patience." For games and social specifically, details detail since the players "may have trouble starting games, applications or online features."

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It appears that the issues are quite common, as a quick Twitter search reveals many Users on the social network report errors. The US PlayStation Support site also says that Sony is "aware that some users experience problems logging into PSN." At the time of writing, the PlayStation Support account on Twitter has not recognized the issues.

PSN has had some hard time lately, as this is the second time this month that the servers have taken a hit. On July 13, Sony confirmed that the PlayStation Network suffered from problems that particularly affected everyone's ability to get online and play games. This final round of downtime will undoubtedly be the attention of the many Fortnite players out there, trying to make challenges as soon as possible. Or Overwatch players like me who got offline mid-push. It was very outrageous.

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