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PS4 News: Great update for PlayStation fans before crunch 2019 with Microsoft's Xbox | Gaming | Entertainment

Sony PlayStation has managed to combat the control of the video game market from its rivals, but that does not mean it will be so.

PS4 and PS4 Pro bring the console maps to the current generation and look set to be a bright place for Sony, enter 2019.

And it's not just PlayStation 4 that has won the company's top marks over the last 12 months .

While PS4 continues to sell well, much of it is probably down to the exclusive ones the console currently has.

One of these is Marvel's Spider-Man, a welcome return of walls to consoles after a long absence.

And it has now been confirmed just how popular the latest Spider-Man excursion has been with fans.

Having been well received by fans and critics, it has now been reported that it is the fastest Superhero Game in the United States.

And not just the United States, but probably in the story of the superhero game

This puts it past the hugely popular Batman Arkham games, and it's not easy to judge how well they sold on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The news was shared by Matpiscatella, an analyst with the NPD Group that follows market trends and industry trends.

"Bonus November 201

8 Video Game Market Sales Data Update from NPD Group – During the first three months of the market, Marvel's Spider-Man is now the fastest selling selling superhero game in American history," Piscatella revealed on Twitter.

Now, this big update comes with some problems, for example, not knowing what counts as a superhero game, as well as the actual numbers.

This information was not shared, but anyway, this must be seen as good news for the Sony PlayStation.

Marvel's Spider-Man is not only an exclusive but also offers additional sales expansion through DLC.

The conclusion of the three-part DLC series was released earlier this week called Mar Vel's Spider-Man: Silver Lining.

"You can buy Marvel's Spider-Man: Silver Lining on PlayStation Store. Of course, if you haven't tried any of the content after its launch yet, you can also buy Marvel's Spider-Man: The City that never sleeps bundle of all three chapters.

"Haven't played Marvel's Spider-Man yet? Digital Deluxe Edition is a particularly good value as it includes the entire game and all three chapters of Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. "

Other news was also released on PS4 this week, on how it is performing against PS3 in key regions.

According to VGChartz, PS4 has outsold PS3 with over 300,000 units through 2018 to October in Japan.

"October 2018 is the 57th month on PlayStation 4 on sale in Japan," the report reports.

"The slot grew in favor of PlayStation 3 with 9,471 units in the last month and in favor of PlayStation 4 with 320,031 units over the last 12 months. PlayStation 4 currently only drives 326.49 units.

"PlayStation 3 launched in November 2006 while PlayStation 4 was launched in February 2014. PlayStation 4 has sold 7.16 million units, while its predecessor PlayStation 3 sold 6.84 million units."

It should be noted that this information comes from a region, with PS4 apparently selling incredibly well last month in the US.

It has even been reported that unit sales in October 2018 reached the highest mark for any PlayStation hardware platform in October since PlayStation 2 in October 2002.

And this has apparently expanded to November, with the the latest NPD data suggesting that all three consoles received massive sales last month.

"PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch each sold more than 1.3m units in the US during November 2018, the first time 3 console platforms have sold more than 1m units in the same November," another message from Piscat ella adds to.

"Great time for console games."

2019 is expected to see new consoles revealed by Sony PlayStation and Microsoft, which means that these latest tracks can only be seen as a positive step ahead of a very important year.

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