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PS4 6.00 System update out now, and despite the number, it does not matter much

Sony today announced a new system update for PlayStation 4, version 6.00. With a version number like that, you expect this to be a landmark update full of exciting new features. Despite the quite reasonable expectation, there has been no real announcement from Sony, no PlayStation Blog post, and generally no fanfare from the company. The reason for it seems to be simple: 6,00 does not really matter.

The update went through a beta period in August, like the ones before, but that preview did not contain any important features for the user. It did not mean that the official release of 6.00 would necessarily be identical; Beta tones for previous PS4 updates have been performed that did not have everything that the final release would offer. But it appears that 6.00 beta was indicative of the end product, as the update on the system and Sony's sitelist is just one thing: "This system software update improves system performance."

It's a well-known website for PlayStation users who have become accustomed to system updates over the years, which only provide improvements behind the scene without any real impact on the user. But with an update numbered 6.00, it's a letdown, to say the least. Update 5.50 added new parental control and a PS Plus library; 5.00 expanded popup menu and friends list; 4.00 extra HDR support for all PS4s; 3.00 lets you share directly to Twitter and add a PS Plus section; and so on.

It remains to see if Sony will enable some hidden functionality in this update. It would be a curious move, but there is a possibility that PS4 users cling to now, giving their disappointment to the new update.

Hi, at least Spider-Man is good.

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