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PS Now’s new game is only PS4, Sony does not confirm any PS5 upgrade track

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Update: Sony has confirmed that the latest additions to PlayStation Now, especially Marvel’s Avengers and Borderlands 3, are just PlayStation 4 versions. There had been hope that the absence of a PS5 upgrade track could be due to errors, but this is intentional according to the organization.

Square Enix has explained that fans will be able to transfer the storage from the PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers to the PS5 version if they choose to buy the game at a later date.

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7;s store PlayStation Now This week’s update is one of the best in a long time, with Marvel’s Avengers and Borderlands 3 both part of the lineup, showing the company’s commitment to the subscription service. However, there is also a demonstration of how messy the manufacturer’s membership model is, despite both titles free PS4 to PS5 upgrades, you will only be able to play the latest generation version.

There was some confusion regarding this earlier in the week, so we decided to test it out. By using our PS Now subscription on PS5, we were able to stream the PS4 versions of each of the aforementioned titles. You can also download the games to your hard drive, but you can only download latest generation versions; If you want to “upgrade” to the PS5 edition, you have to pay for the game efficiently.

PS Now, as it is right now, is a PS4 service – there are no PS5 games included in it. However, we feel that this once again underscores the messy transition that Sony’s console is going through. With both Marvel’s Avengers and Borderlands 3 offering native PS5 versions with free upgrades, many PS Now subscribers had rightly assumed that they would also have access to the next generation of ports. That is not the case.

It’s still a good update for the subscription service, but it might be a reminder that the platform holder needs to go back to the drawing board a bit here. Despite attempts to improve the quality of PS Now – which, to be fair, has been somewhat successful – it still does not feel like the company takes the service seriously. Hopefully by the end of the year, the organization will have updated everything, so misunderstandings like this will cease to exist.

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