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Project CARS Studio develops its own stand-alone console


Expected to support VR, 4K resolutions.

A little Mad Studios, best known for their Project CARS racing games, is developing its own stand-alone game console for release in "about three years."

The console, now referred to as the Mad Box, was announced by Litt Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell on Twitter . As reported by Variety, Bell said it would "support most major VR headphones, and those who come up with the specifications correspond to a" very fast PC 2 years from now. "We are in early talks with manufacturers of components so we can't say much more right now other than having designed the details in detail. "

Bell's Twitter account, created earlier this morning tweeted "The Mad Box is coming." In response to comments on his posts, Bell said that 60FPS for VR is "per eye" and repeatedly stated that he believes it will run on a network 120FPS.

Communicate with variety, Bell said that Lite Mad will allow "Play from all developers, old and new" on the console, saying "The new" may be many of them benefiting from our totally free development engine. "

"We believe that the exclusives are" exclusionary ", but given that we are sending a cross platform engine to all developers, it will be their choice, Bell continued." From now on, we have no plans to pay developers' incentives "to exclude Other hardware vendors. We believe the industry is a bit too much of a monopoly or a micro oligopoly. We think the competition is healthy and we have the necessary hardware contacts to be able to bring something epic to fruition based on our designs. "

Although Slighly Mad is based in the UK, Bell says it will be a "worldwide" console and that the studio is in early talks with areas that are not "particularly open to other vendors at the moment."

Mad Box will not be crowdfunded, and Bell claims that the studio has "more investors" offering the necessary funding to bring the device to completion. While no specific price was mentioned, Bell said it would be priced competitively with upcoming consoles. Bell also said that early design of the console will be revealed in four to six weeks.

Little Mad Studios was founded in 2008 and has become known for its work on racing games, including Need for Speed: Shift, Project CARS and more. The latest version, Project CARS 2, was released in September 2017 and includes VR support.

In our review of Project CARS 2 we called the game "Amazing" and said "With its refined new handling and piles of race options, Project CARS 2 is about as good as real racing gets right now."

Colin Stevens is a news writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter .

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