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Pro-Ject celebrates its 30th anniversary with Debut PRO

The honorary manufacturer of turntable (and electronics) Pro-Ject turns 30 in 2021. To mark the anniversary, the Austrian company has announced a new turntable in Debut PRO. Not just. In Europe and the UK, the device is delivered at the factory with a brand new cartridge, Pick it PRO – manufactured by Ortofon – for a “Lively and robust sound”. (Americans get a Sumiko Rainer cassette).

No matter what territory you have, the cartridge is mounted on a new 8.6 ″ tonearm in one piece made of carbon (for stiffness) and its inner tubes of aluminum (for better resonance attenuation). This brings with it azimuth (horizontal) and VTA (vertical) alignment to ensure that the needle fits snugly so in the plate track.

More about the tone arm from the press release: “The nickel-plated aluminum components have a harder, more resistant surface. Very high quality and sustainable components help us cut down on materials that continue to age over time as plastics. The precise CNC-milled parts fit together perfectly and emphasize the modern, simple and elegant design. ”

The speed of the turntable is controlled electronically – complete with 33 rpm toggle switch at the bottom left of the base – with the motor disconnected from the base in a suspended mounting.

Debut’s PRO’s function set is rounded out by height – adjustable metal feet and a new aluminum barrel with a thermoplastic elastomer ring attached to the underside for resonance damping and minimization of wow and flutter.

Debut PRO will sell for € 750 / US $ 899 when it launches in August 2021.

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