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Previous PS4 Exclusive Coming to Xbox Series X

A former PS4 exclusive is coming to the Xbox Series X early next year. When the Xbox Series X was launched last month, it did so with more power and goodwill than the PS5, but this was undermined by the lack of compelling games, especially by the exclusive range. Xbox Game Studios is still working on addressing the latter, but in the meantime, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players have a new game to look forward to, one that was exclusive to PS4 at the time.

Publisher Merge Games and developer Infuse Studio have announced it Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S sometime in early 2021. When exactly during the first part of 2021, is not revealed, but the couple points out that the game will only be available digitally.

The spirit of the Nordic countries debuted back in November 201

9, only via PS4 and PS4. In May 2020, the game came to Nintendo Switch and PC. This was followed by the release of “Enhanced Edition” on November 26. Right now, this version is only playable on PS5, but it will change sometime in early 2021.

The spirit of the Nordic countries is a single-player third-person adventure game inspired by the fantastic and mysterious landscape of Iceland, “is the name of an official heistone in the game.” Play as a regular red fox if the story is intertwined with the guardian of the Northern Lights, a female spirit fox. “

At the moment of release, price information has not been revealed, but the game costs $ 20 on PS5, so it is safe to assume that it will also cost $ 20 on Xbox Series X. Interestingly, the game is available in retail on PS5, but as mentioned, it is not a word about a physical edition of the Xbox Series X.

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