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PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless expands iPhone 12 Mini battery

Since the last entry in my iPhone 12 Mini diary, I have seen a lot of snarky comments about the iPhone 12 Mini’s battery life from people who probably do not even own it. Yes, the iPhone 12 Mini battery life is terrible compared to an iPhone 12 Pro Max, but if you want the iPhone 12 Mini for its size, you already understand these compromises. Today, let’s talk about the iPhone 12 Mini, how you can enhance it with PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless, and why people in the tech community should not assume their opinion about a particular iPhone, is all.

After many years of using a Max iPhone, I jumped at the chance to get smaller, and I do not regret it. Is battery life just ok? Yes, that̵

7;s a lot okay. You know what, I’m fine with ok battery life because I sit at a desk most of the day and use Anker PowerWave to keep my iPhone charged while I give myself access to look at alerts. I keep it charged at night using the Ravpower magnetic charger. The only time I’m worried about battery life is outside that period. Even after I start traveling again, I am willing to live with these compromises. The times I need the iPhone to last for two days without charging are few and far between.

Traveling with iPhone 12 Mini

I have not traveled with the iPhone 12 Mini yet, but when I do, I will still be fine with just ok battery life thanks to products like Anker’s new PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless for the iPhone 12 series. Although it is MagSafe compatible, it is not officially certified by Apple, but I have had great success with it so far. The magnet allows you to use the iPhone 12 without worrying about the battery falling off, so you can keep it in your pocket while charging, unlike other Qi-based chargers.

Anker’s PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless will charge an iPhone 12 Mini from 0 to 100%, iPhone 12 from 0 to 95%, iPhone 12 Pro from 0 to 97%, and iPhone 12 Pro Max from 0 to 75%. You can even use it to charge your iPhone while the battery pack is charging via USB-C, making it the perfect travel accessory for the iPhone 12 Mini. You can keep your iPhone charged all night, take it in the morning, use the PowerCore charger to keep your iPhone 12 Mini topped all day, and throw it in your bag when it runs out of juice.

If you are the type of person who travels often or needs to do so much work from their iPhone when away from a Mac or iPad, you will probably be frustrated by the screen size of the iPhone 12 Mini, but if you travel infrequently and do most of it your work from a Mac or an iPad, you will be well suited by Mini size and battery.

When the iPhone 12 series was first announced, I was not so excited about MagSafe, but as time has passed, it has become one of my favorite things about the iPhone 12. If you’re worried about extending the battery life of the iPhone 12 Mini, grasp this external battery. It clicks right on the back of the iPhone 12.

Unpack on iPhone 12 Mini battery

It is important to remember that each technology product is a series of choices. Yes, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has an impressive battery, but it is also a large phone that is not easy to put in your pocket. The iPhone 12 Mini does not have close to the other iPhones’ battery life in the series, but it is much more portable. I hope Apple continues to offer iPhones of all sizes to suit as many people’s preferences as possible. In addition to Anker’s PowerCore Magnetic 5K wireless battery, the iPhone 12 Mini becomes a suitable travel iPhone while being compact and easy to carry.

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