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Possible Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters – Revisited


Back then Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was first announced in March, I wrote an article where I entered 20 characters that I thought would be sensible to have appeared in the new game (except Sans, which I have just added just because I want him game). But at the time of that article, we knew almost nothing about the new Smash Bros. game. Hell, we did not even know their actual title. All we knew is that this year comes for Switch and that Inkling, Mario and Link would be playable characters. People were not even sure if there was a new game or port. Now, five months later, we have much more information about the game, between Nintendo's E3 presentation and yesterday's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct stream. So I thought it was worth my time to look over the list of twenty characters I created five months ago to see what I've been getting right and which I still think is realistic opportunities.

There are a couple of things to consider when you return to this list. For example, some of the statements made by director Masahiro Sakurai in the form of new warriors. During Nintendo's E3 presentation, Sakurai said he is "kind of hoping you do not expect too many new challengers." Then Sakurai said yesterday's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "Just have someone more [fighters] announce later." Based on these quotations, it appears that there are not too many more newcomers announcing so there is something to keep in mind when considering my previous list over possible new signs. [19659002] Since there are probably only a few more places open to beginners, I'll put some parameters for what I think would make a possible newcomer. It seems that all the new characters that have been announced so far for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fits into one of these four categories:

  • Signs of Popular Franchises Not Yet Represented in
      Smash (Inkling)
    • Extremely Demanded Signs (Ridley and King K. Rool)
    • Third-party figures from popular classic franchises (Simon Belmont)
    • Echo Fighters (Daisy, Richter Belmont, Chrom and Dark Samus)

    Probably most Super Smash Bros fighters in general can fit into One of these four categories, but that's not always the case. But since it probably will not be that many more new characters introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it's probably important that beginners fit well into at least one of these four categories. Now let's see which of the twenty characters I listed earlier meet these new criteria.

    1. Ridley (from Metroid )

    It has been confirmed that Ridley will appear as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate . Another Metroid character, Dark Samus, has also been confirmed as a playable character, and will be an echo carrier of Samus. With three characters from The Metroid Series is now included instead of just one (Technical Samus and Zero Suit Samus is treated as two different characters, but it's still only Samus), it's probably safe to assume that no other Metroid characters will be announced as playable fighters.

    2. Dixie Kong (from Donkey Kong Country )

    Dixie Kong has not been confirmed, but the series's antagonist, King K. Rool, has. With three representatives from Donkey Kong Country who are currently participating, they will probably not use one of the few remaining beginners on another. My effort would be that if Dixie Kong appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be like an Assist Trophy.

    3. Crystal (from Star Fox )

    Crystal will not be playable, but has been confirmed as an Assist Trophy. However, it is confirmed that Wolf, a Star Fox character who has not been in a game Smash Bros. since 2008, returns as a playable character in ultimate .

    4. Ice Climbers (from Ice Climber )

    It has been confirmed that Ice Climbers will return as playable characters in Ultimate .

    5. Ninten (from Mother )

    Probably not very likely. The series Mother already has two representatives in Smash and Ninten comes from the least popular entry in the series. I guess it's possible that Ninten may appear like an eckefighter of Ness (Lucas is almost an eckefighter of Ness himself), but if they really have a fairly limited number of spots for beginners, I do not see Ninten who does the cut.

    6. A random old character

    I pointed to characters like Mr. Game & Watch and Duck Hunt as examples of characters from old franchises who had no new record forever, but got a representation in Smash Bros. anyway, although nobody really asked for these signs. Ice skaters also come from an old, somewhat hidden (but no longer hidden) NES game, and Pitt's latest game when he joined Smash for the first time came out in 1991 so it's definitely a precedent for Nintendo randomly adding old characters from classic or forgotten franchises from the NES era, or earlier. When I first created this list of possible Smash newcomers, I suggested that the Balloon Fight guy could be the next playable fighter to suit this tropic, but now I think if it's just a small number of places for beginners in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Maybe they will pass the random old character this time to focus on characters that people have actually requested.

    7. Another Firearm character

    Chrom has been confirmed as a playable fighter and will be an echo-fighter of Roy.

    8. Another Pokémon character

    Probably quite likely. Every iteration of Smash Bros. has included a new Pokémon from what the latest generation was at that time, and sometimes also some older Pokémon, just because. The chances are probably pretty good that we get a Generation VII Pokémon as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate . Which of the 86 Alola Pokémon there will be (except Alolan versions of Kanto Pokémon) just want time to tell.

    9. Waluigi (from Mario spin-offs

    Unlike his fans, Waluigi will not be a playable fighter, but has been confirmed as an Assist Trophy.

    10. Vårmann (from ARMS )

    Probably not. I think ARMS is still new to a franchise. The shortest time it has existed between the introduction of a franchise and that the franchise is represented in Smash Bros. has been three years, with Pokémon which started in 1996 and entered into Smash in 1999 and Splatoon started in 2015 and included in 2018. In addition both Splatoon and Pokémon have become massively popular franchises in particular Pokémon ), which accounts for the small amount of time between the franchise starting and is represented in Smash . I do not think ARMS has that kind of popularity in just one year. Maybe in the next Smash .

    11. Rex (from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 )

    This is probably least likely. Xenoblade Chronicles is a popular and well-received series that until now has only one representative in Smash Bros. (Shulk), while not as high as Ridley or King K. Rool. I would not be surprised if Rex was introduced as a novice, although I would not be surprised if the series is just not popular enough to guarantee two representatives when there is only room for so many newcomers.

    12. Snip and Clip (from Snipperclips )

    Ok, so my reason for these five months ago was that along with the random old character trope Smash Bros seems to run along that also seems to be a theme of just completely off-the-wall characters included in Smash like Mii Fighters or Wii Fit Trainer. Characters that you would never dream of including in Smash which somehow make the cut anyway. I thought Snip and Clip could fit that bill this time, but I'm not sure about it anymore. In further analysis, many of these off-the-wall characters, such as Mii Fighters, Wii Fit Trainer and R.O.B., all in one way or another are related to Nintendo consoles. Because of this, I think a more likely scenario would be that the Nintendo Labo Robot would be this game is off-the-wall character. But I do not think this is super likely either. As with the previously mentioned random old character tree, there may be another one left in the 19459005 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to make room for characters that people actually want.

    13. More characters from already represented third party franchise

    I suggested that maybe another Sonic the Hedgehog character or another Final Fantasy character could be included as a playable fighter. However, I think now that if Ultimate does not accommodate too many new characters, Sakurai and Company probably think it is best to focus most heavily on grades that have been highly sought after (Ridley and King K. Rool) or Signs from third party franchise not yet represented (Simon Belmont). Despite this, we saw yesterday's introduction of two characters from the same third-party franchise (Simon and Richter), so we could get more characters from third party franchises already represented in the game. But I think if this is the case, it would probably be in the form of Echo Fighters, like how Richter is an echoes of Simon. So maybe Shadow the Hedgehog can be included as an Echo Fighter of Sonic, for example. But I do not know that they will spend time creating a whole new feature for a character that belongs to a third-party franchise that already has representation. So maybe we get a few more Echo Fighters, but other than that, I do not think we will see many characters from third party franchises that are already represented. What is likely to be much more likely is that we will continue to receive characters from third party franchises that are not yet represented. Talking about which …

    14. Crash Bandicoot (from Crash Bandicoot )

    I think Crash is probably one of the most likely third-party characters to be included in Smash . He is a very recognizable character who once was very popular and recently returned to the public wizard with a new game now available at Switch. Yes, he was Mario's rival as a video game mascot for a while in the 90's, but it was also Sonic. Almost all third-party figures shown in Smash have been legendary video game icons, as everyone in society knows, and I think Crash fits that bill.

    15. Bomberman (from Bomberman )

    Bomberman will not be playable, but has been confirmed as assistant trophy.

    16. Rayman (from Rayman )

    Rayman is popular but not so popular. If Super Smash Bros. Ultimate really has a limited list of newcomers, I do not know that Rayman will make the cut. They will probably save space for more popular third-party characters. I could see the rabbis who appear as an assistant trophy, though.

    17. Shovel Knight (from Shovel Knight )

    Shovel Knight will not be able to play but has been confirmed as assistant trophy.

    18. Captain Toad (from Mario )

    Maybe, maybe not. Captain Toad (or Just Common Toad) has been a sought after fighter for some time now, but the fact is that the guy just is not much of a fighter. I think you can make that argument for a lot of other Smash fighters (ROB, Duck Hunt, Wii Fit Trainer, etc.), but one of the characteristics of Captain Toad's character is that he can not even jump. In addition, the Mario series is already quite well represented in Smash (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Rosalina and now Daisy), so with a limited beginner, They may focus on less-represented franchise. Maybe Captain Toad will be an Assist Trophy, though.

    19. Isak (from Golden Sun )

    I think this is actually more likely than ever. Ridley and King K. Rool were both characters long ago referred to by the fans, until they seemed to never appear in a Smash game but ended up being confirmed for Ultimate . Granted, Golden Sun is not nearly as popular a franchise as Metroid or Donkey Kong but with the team behind Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to be taking fan requests more into consideration, it is possible that the cult after Golden Sun will finally get to them too. Perhaps they could do a two-in-one and make Felix an Echo Fighter. But hopefully Golden Sun finally gets some kind of playable representation at all.

    20. Sans (from Significance )

    Yes, this is not going to happen. As much as I personally would love, I can not imagine that they would give one of their few open beginner tracks to a strange controversial game like Understanding . Not to mention Nickname Its popularity is not exactly on the same level as Final Fantasy VII or Castlevania or the other third-party franchisees that get a representation in crush . Shovel Knight is a sign of a popular multi-platform indie game that appears as an assistant trophy, so I suppose it's possible that a Signal sign may be an Assist Trophy (Annoying Dog, please) but I doubt that even this will happen.

    And All Others

    Of course, someone can continue to type characters as they will appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate especially since Floodgates appears to have been opened for non-Nintendo characters. But we should all try to keep our expectations in check a little. Banjo and Kazooie are now the property of Microsoft, so while it is not impossible for Nintendo and Microsoft to come to a sort of deal, the fans can not get the hope of Banjo-Kazooie . Many people want Goku in Smash but that would make him the only character that does not stem from a video game to be shown in the series, which also does not seem very likely. With just a few characters left to reveal, it's probably a good idea to just not expect anything and be happy with what we end up getting. Especially if what we are going to get is isak from Golden Sun .

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