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Poll: Would you buy an advanced Apple mixed-reality headset with two 8K monitors for $ 3000?

Rumors of a new Apple VR headset have been around for some time, but earlier today, a report from The information brought new details about this future device, including specifications, price and even a drawing based on an internal rendering. Now we want to know if you want to pay $ 3000 for a device like this.

Bloomberg revealed last year that Apple has two strategies for its augmented reality devices. The company is reportedly developing new glasses with a focus on AR content and another unit for VR interactions. Today’s leak is related to the VR device, which is actually defined by The information sources as a “mixed-reality headset.”


A mixed-reality headset Apple develops will feature more than a dozen cameras to track hand gestures and show real-world video to people using it, along with 8K ultra-high-resolution displays and advanced eye-tracking technology according to a person with direct knowledge of the device

Previous rumors have suggested that Apple’s new VR headsets would not be cheap since devices like this are more difficult to assemble, and they also require special and advanced components to deliver an immersive experience. With two 8K monitors and advanced sensors to track eye movements, it’s hard to expect anything inexpensive.

But today’s report from The information claims that Apple internally considered pricing the product at $ 3000 – which is definitely higher than some of us had imagined. While everything can be changed until Apple officially announces its new VR headset, competitors like Microsoft HoloLens cost as much as $ 3,500.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has targeted Hololens at professionals such as doctors and engineers instead of regular users, so perhaps we can expect a similar approach from Apple with its new VR device.

Based on the leaked specs and rumors of what this product will be capable of, would you buy an advanced mixed reality headset from Apple for $ 3000? If not, what is the ideal price for this device?

Let us know in the poll and in the comments section below.

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