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Poll: What did you think of the Game Awards 2018?

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And just so, The Game Awards 2018 are over. The fifth annual event was quite busy, with the show running for over three hours. It had prices, it had jokes and it had revealed, but did you like it? Has Geoff Keighley got home or has he stumbled? What was your favorite message or reveal? What would you like to see from The Game Awards down the line? You must tell us in our last Friday poll.

If you've already forgotten what was announced or you do not even bother looking, we recommend clicking here to find all The Game Awards 201

8 news. Give it a good reading, then follow the poll in our polls before reviewing the comment section below.

What did you think of The Game Awards 2018 in general?


It was a good, solid show, it was a good show, I liked it a lot


but nothing amazing


Meh, that was bang average


I thought it was a disappointment I expected better


Ugh, it was totally crap [19659016] 1%

I really did not like The Game Awards 2018


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What was your favorite PlayStation revealed from The Game Awards 2018? (129 votes)

Journey to the Savage Planet


The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled


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What do you want to see from The Game Awards in the future? (132 votes)

More of the same, please


More of the same but better


Delete the revelations and announcements, just about prices

]] 5%

Delete the rewards, do all about disclosures and announcements


Make whole shorter


Do anything longer


19659007] I give It's up to Geoff to decide


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