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Poll: Do you prefer an iPhone with a pinhole camera or a notch?

We are pretty much all familiar with the notch on the top of the iPhone screen, which houses the front camera, Face ID sensors, the top speaker and a microphone. However, not everyone likes this design, and it seems that Apple is already considering some alternatives to it. Now we want to know if you prefer an iPhone with a hole camera, the current notch or another option.

Since the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple has made some profound changes to how people interact with the device – which now has things like gesture-based navigation and Face ID. To enable these new features, the design of the iPhone had to be changed.

The frames have been significantly reduced, and the Home button has been removed so that the iPhone can have an edge-to-edge screen. However, this resulted in Touch ID being replaced by Face ID. Since cameras and sensors can not only be placed behind the screen, the notch comes as a solution to give the impression that the iPhone is a “full screen device”


Some people find the notch annoying; others do not even seem to care. But the truth is that the hack feels more like a temporary solution than something Apple wants on its devices for good. But what can really be used to replace the notch?

As shown in this concept, the combination of Touch ID on the power button plus a hole camera can be one of the solutions. With the 4th generation iPad Air, Apple has already shown that they can reduce the edges of a device and remove the Home button without including Face ID, thanks to a new version of Touch ID that is built into the device’s power button.

But the iPhone still has a top speaker, front camera and other sensors that need to be moved. The concept, which is based on an actual reputation, shows the speaker on the top edge of the iPhone, while the camera remains in the center of the screen with the hole hole design. This will still not make the iPhone “full screen”, but it will definitely allow for even more content in this area.

I think most people would love to have an iPhone without screen interference, but that scenario seems less likely (at least for now). There are phone manufacturers that are investing in cameras under the screen, but the good results are not there yet. Others have already developed pull-out cameras for smartphones, which seem easier to achieve – but at the same time much less practical in real life.

Considering the more realistic scenarios for the next two years, what do you prefer for the iPhone design? A hole camera or a notch? Let us know in the comments section and in the poll below:

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