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Pokemon Unite Microtransactions is the reward for winning

A number of players have noticed that Pokemon Unite Microtransactions are the reward for winning. In short: you can buy state-boosting goods with premium currency, albeit in a roundabout way.

Pokemon Unite is the new Pokémon MOBA created by Tencent’s TiMi Studio Group and released by The Pokemon Company. It certainly looks like a cool spin on the MOBA genre, but the game’s microtransactions – including the speed at which you earn money in the game – have some serious issues.

Pokemon Unite Microtransactions pays to win Aeos Emporium
Players can purchase stat-boosting items with premium currency, albeit in a somewhat roundabout fashion.

How is Pokemon Unite Pay to win?

So how is it Pokemon Unite Is microtransactions worth winning? There are important complaints that have been raised by players.

Let’s start with the currency: there are three types of currency in Pokemon Unite:

  • Aeos Coins – A currency you earn to play the game and from events. Limited to 2100 per week from matches, although you can earn small amounts in other ways.
  • Aeos Tickets – A currency earned through in-game events.
  • Aeos Gems – A premium currency that can only be acquired by spending money.

The first edition is with stat-boosting items sold in Aeos Emporium. As the picture above shows, these items can be purchased with Aeos coins and Aeos tickets. However, if you do not have enough currency, you can complete your purchase using the premium Aeos Gems currency. What this means is that you can buy these stat-boosting items by spending money in the real world, and it’s about as profitable as it gets.

The second edition is about obtaining Pokemon licenses. Like other MOBAs, you have to pay to unlock characters – but Pokemon Unite makes the dubious decision to put a cap on earning Aeos Coins. Even worse, some of these Pokémon can be quite expensive.

Pokemon Unite Microtransactions pays to win Gengar License
Get a Gengar in just 5 weeks of playing and not using any Aeos coins! Or you can spend $ 7.99.

Because of this ceiling, some of the more expensive Pokemon licenses can take as long as five weeks to earn. For example, gangs cost 10,000 Aeos coins; that means you have to play for as long as five weeks straight to earn 10,500 coins from matches to buy Gengar – and that gives you only 500 Aeos coins to buy other things. You may be able to get a few more coins from quests or bonuses, but certainly not enough to speed up that a lot.

What about premium currency, though? You have the option to purchase Pokemon licenses with either coins or Aeos Gems; Here’s what you have to pay to get some:

Pokemon Unite Microtransactions pays to win Aeos Gems

You start the game with a couple of playable characters, but it can be a challenge to get more. Each of these Pokémon has its own unique abilities, and it is certainly possible to gain a serious advantage by spending money on getting a better Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Microtransactions – combined with the maximum return on earning coins – will make spending money inevitable if you want to be serious about the game. As this Reddit post shows, the acquisition startups can have a serious impact on a game.

Strange, the one thing you can not buy are special clothes for players who require fashion tickets or Pokémon outfits that require Holowear tickets – these items can only be purchased by earning the respective currencies through events and missions in the game.

Considering the strength of these state-boosting items and the ability to purchase them with premium currency, it’s a pretty strong case. Pokemon Unite microtransactions are rewarding for winning – remember the whole problem of an income limit on Aeos Coins and unlocking new Pokemon licenses. Still, it’s a free game, and it’s up to the players to decide what is or is not worth their time and money – you can play Pokemon Unite free on Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS via the official website.

What do you think about Pokemon Unite microtransactions? Does the gameplay meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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