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Pokemon GO: How to get Cyndaquil

Have Cyndaquil complete the Fifth-Anniversary Collection in Pokemon GO for a medal and reward before the challenge expires.

Pokemon GO is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary, and until July 1

5, coaches have the chance to earn an Elite Collector Medal and other rewards to complete the Fifth-Anniversary Collection. This challenge can be completed by capturing 19 different starting pokemon, which include second generation fire type, Cyndaquil.

To help trainers in their quest to capture them all for the Fifth-Anniversary Collection, Niantic has increased the spawning frequency of the 19 Pokémon. There are also other ways to increase spawning rate and find Cyndaquil, so trainers may have more time to catch the other 18 Pokémon.

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How to get Cyndaquil

Pokemon GO coaches can find Cyndaquil:

  • In residential areas / cities or on beaches
  • In warm / sunny weather
  • Use enticing modules on Pokestops
  • Get field assignment ‘Power up Pokemon 5 times’
  • Get ‘Use 5 Berries to Capture Pokemon’ Field Research Mission ‘

As a fire-type Pokemon, trainers can increase the chance of getting Cyndaquil if they live in warm climate, is close to a beach, or lives in a city / large residential area. Whether players have access to these areas or not, everyone can increase their chances of getting Cyndaquil over using a Lure module on a Pokestop. Until July 15, Lure modules have been extended to last one hour, and starting pokemon appear more often. Lure modules can be purchased in-store for 100 PokeCoins, or 680 Pokecoins for a pack of 8.

Other ways to find Cyndaquil

Another way to get Cyndaquil is completing research assignments. Both field research missions in July ‘Use 5 berries to catch Pokemon’ and ‘Power up Pokemon 5 times’ will reward one of three Johto starting pokemon: Chikorita, Totodile or Cyndaquil. These research tasks can be obtained by spinning Pokestops, and trainers can stack the tasks to save berries and Stardust.

However, these quests cannot be cultivated to find Cyndaquil, since once the research is complete, it cannot be accomplished by spinning the same Pokestop again. Trainers must find the puzzles by spinning other Pokestops if they did not find Cyndaquil, the beloved Johto starter. To pick up new research assignments, a free track is needed. If coaches do not have a free track, they can delete another task by tapping the trash can icon at the top right of the research they wish to discard.

The fifth anniversary gathering must be completed by 8 pm local time on July 15 if coaches want to receive the Elite Collectors medal. 80 PokeBalls, 3 rare candies and a guaranteed encounter with a Flying Balloon Pikachu will also be rewarded.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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