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PlayStation Plus discounts, get 2 years for only $ 58, one year for $ 30

A PlayStation Plus subscription will usually give you $ 60 for a year, but sometimes some great deals give you the option to snatch up a subscription at a significantly lower price. Thanks to their current promotion, you can get two years of PS Plus at Eneba for just $ 58 by entering the code 2021PLUS in the box. You must have two years in the shopping cart for the promotional code to work. It is two years for less sunburn the regular price of one.

If you do not want to stack up two years with the service, you can also get a single year for $ 30 by entering the code JANDEALS. Although Eneba does not have any promotional codes at all, it currently has a one-year PlayStation Plus subscription for only $ 31

.39, a significant discount over the usual $ 60 price point you would otherwise use.

Purchasing a PlayStation Plus subscription through Eneba are digital codes that are delivered to your email shortly after purchase. You can enter this code in the PlayStation Store, either on the PlayStation console or via the online store, to redeem the PS Plus subscription. For existing subscribers, this will add the service life to your existing subscription, and extend the expiration date. For new subscribers, this will give you a subscription to PlayStation Plus for one (or two) years from the date you enter the code on PSN.

It should also be noted that the PS Plus subscription codes are NA codes, so you need an NA PSN to redeem them.

The new free PlayStation Plus games for January 2021 just went live this week and gave it to you Shadow of the Tomb Raider and GreedFall for PS4, and Maneater on PS5. One year subscription gives you new free games every month, in addition to many offers and extra promotions throughout the year. If you have a PS5, it will also give you access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, a library of prominent PS4 games that you can play on your next-generation console.

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