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PlayStation players can now order PS2-themed PS5

PlayStation players can now order a special PS2-themed PS5, but not through Sony, Walmart, Target, GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon or other major retailers, but with permission from SUP3R5. Earlier this month, SUP3R5 announced its “retro-inspired” PS5 console and PS5 DualSense controllers. At that time, none of the products were for sale, but today that has changed. That said, if you want to pick up some of these bespoke pieces of nostalgic hardware, you need to be prepared to waste a little extra money.

The special PS5 DualSense controller runs for $ 99 USD, while the console, which comes with the controller, runs for $ 649 USD. The former is limited to only 500 units, while the console is even more limited to 304 units. In other words, stocks will disappear very, very quickly. As you read this, both pieces of bespoke hardware may very well be sold out.

That said, if you decide to buy any of these products, keep in mind that none of them come to Sony, which may very well shut down before any products are shipped. Furthermore, the “retro-inspired conversion process”

; of the controller includes a complete disassembly of the controller, which will void the warranty. The console does not require this, and thus the warranty should not be voided, but so far there is no way to confirm that this will be the case. For the console, all SUP3R5 does is remove the side panels temporarily from the console. Again, this should not void the warranty, but so far there is no guarantee that it will not

It is also important to remember that this is a new operation without history, and the return policy is very vague. In the meantime, full payment is required at checkout, even if the product does not start shipping until sometime this spring.

PS5 PS2 Mockup

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