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PlayStation 5 Nike sneakers arrive in May, according to a new report

If you’ve ever wanted to take a stand on console loyalty, Nike can have the right footwear if you’re a PlayStation fan. According to sneaker-focused Instagram account LaceUpHK and discovered by GameSpot sister site CNET, Paul George from LA Clippers has teamed up with Nike and PlayStation on a series of PG 5 sneakers that have a blue and white design, complete with different PS5 logos.

Apparently priced at $ 110, and the sneakers will be available in May. This is not the first time that George, Nike and Sony have collaborated, since the trio in 2018 worked with shoes that contained Playstation̵

7;s iconic shapes and other signature symbols that actually lit up and pulsed thanks to the built-in LEDs.

For another pair of really cool but unique sneakers, take a look at King: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt Roberts’ custom Metal Gear Solid Air Jordans. Sneakers have been valued property in recent years, with a whole fandom devoted to collecting and displaying rare varieties of sought-after shoes.

Like the PS5, sneakers are also regularly snapped up as soon as they go on sale, and the market has been plagued by accusations from buyers using bot programs to buy all available stock.

While PS5 Nike sneakers are likely to be sold out as soon as they hit the streets next month, you can keep your eyes open for a new console by regularly checking our PS5 storage hub to see when the hardware is back on sale again.

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