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PlayStation 5 News: PS5 Release News Release for Sony | Gaming | Entertainment

  The latest PlayStation 5 release for PS4 players

The latest PlayStation 5 release for PS4 players (Image: SONY)

Sony PlayStation 4 continues to be the console to beat in 201

8, Although the Company may not have its own way next year.

PS4 and PS4 Pro brands still sell well with players this year, confirming recently that combined sales of both have now taken over PS3 and Xbox 360. [19659004] And one of the keys to its lifetime is the various exclusive titles that currently in the works.

And it sounds like Sony is ready to continue this strategy for the PS5 release date.

Currently, there are only rumors and hints on what's coming next for PlayStation 5.

In the third-party department, Red Dead Redemption 2 is reported to be transmitted by 2020 to Sony and Microsoft's next-generation machines.

There have also been rumors of a new Gran Turismo

And there has also been some news about another massive PS4 game exclusive.

A new detailed listing suggests that The Last of Us Part 2 may be launched in early 2019.

While a pinch of salt would be taken, a dealer has listed the game for launch in March next year.

And if the reports of a PS5 launch in early 2020 are true, that would mean The Last of Us 2 could follow in the footsteps of the original and make a next-gen jump.

Sony itself has confirmed that they are ready to continue their strategy of offering single-player adventures, such as God of War and Spider-Man, into the future.

Speaking about the upbringing of online-only titles like Fortnite, PlayStation's Warwick Light made some interesting comments on the subject.

Considering MCV UK, Light revealed that 2018 has been a massive year for Fortnite, while Sony saw their very different publishing strategy as well.

"While 2018 was undoubtedly a great year for Fortnite, it was also a year that saw us really acting as a publisher and focusing on our exclusive titles whether it was God of War, Spider-Man, Detroit or VR titles like Astro Bot, says Light.

He followed this up by saying that the PlayStation consumers had made it clear that they were still very interested in single player games and not just wanted the latest "industry-as-a-service service and long-term commitment. "

" Buzzwords is one thing, what our players require is another, "tells Light to MCV UK.

" There is still a large audience for games offering the best in single-player narrative with amazing gameplay that witness to the immense popularity of both Spider-Man and God of War in this year's charts. I was just at Golden Joysticks – God of War won five …

"What Fortnite has reminded everyone is that games have the ability to influence popular culture in the same way as music, film or television, and that the next big thing like may come from games. "

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