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PlayStation 5 News: Good news for Sony as fans awaiting PS5 edition update | Gaming | Entertainment

Sonys PlayStation 4 console game has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

This is partially down to the selection of PS4 games made exclusively on Sony's slot machines.

And the good news is that more people are on their way to the PS5 release date.

There are many rumored game projects in the works of PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Scarlett console.

Fans hope a new Gran Turismo game will be released on PS5, possibly as a launching year.

The series creator Kazunori Yamauchi recently talked about what could come next and also gave some interesting insights.

Yamauchi finally said Finder.com: "It takes six months to make a single car.

" It's over-specced for PS4 Pro. So we build for future versions of the console instead of what we see today. I think it would be no problem to run it on 8K itself. "

This came about the same time as the annual Inter BEE conference in Tokyo, where Sony showed some impressive new technology.

This included a new" Crystal LED Display "TV known, now known as CLEDIS, and apparently can deliver 1

20FPS and true 8K. [19659002] The footage seemed to include content similar to Gran Turismo Sport and made for quite a play.

However, Sony may not produce a machine that may include these specifications.

But what it does suggests that a Gran Turismo project may be ready for the PlayStation 5 launch and will offer upgraded visualization.

Fans are still waiting for a solid announcement about the PS5 release date, although it seems that Sony is starting to see some great news in 2019.

We already know that Sony PlayStation will not participate in E3 2019 and focus instead on its own events.

Changing things would be common sense If they were ready to reveal something new, just like you did with PS4 Pro.

The timing of E3 in June may not work for its own release plan, although this is still speculation at this time.

There have also been some surprising news from Sony, which serves as another potential hint for now.

It comes from a conversation on Twitter and is associated with the lack of first-party PlayStation announcements under The Game Awards.

Sony PlayStation's Shawn Layden was commented on the lack of PS4 news and hopes that something will be the basis for an announcement soon.

Layden responded to this by simply adding: "See you in the new year."

Although this may not be directly related to PS5 disclosure

Sony will eventually host at least two events in 2019, one before E3 2019.

It follows news that Sony has scored another sales battle in 2018, away from the PS4 brand. [19659002] The new PlayStation Classic retro console has eventually sold over 120,000 units in Japan during the first week.

This is not a shabby number that assesses how much competition a product is facing at this time of year.

Nintendo's SNES Classic reportedly sold 369,000 units in Japan over four days, which means that the PS Classic probably will not reach its highs. of its retro rivals.

But with the recent hype around the PS5 release date that still revolves around Sony, it appears that there are plenty of new PlayStation reveals to look forward to 2018.

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