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PlayStation 4 Has Reportedly Shipped Over 90 Million Units, Closing In On 100 Million

While there is a lot of talk about what's happening with the PlayStation 5, that means the current PlayStation has lost any steam. In fact, the PlayStation 4 is setting sales records for Sony, with a new one reportedly reaching just in time for 2019.

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<p> The Hunter, who serves as a senior gaming, tech and media editor for Walmart Canada, <a href= recently posted a tweet indicating that the PS4 has crossed another huge sales threshold , with 90 million units shipped. You can see his tweet below, along with a GIF or Austin Powers' Dr. Evil to hammer the point home

The last time we heard official sales numbers for the PlayStation 4 was back in late October, when Sony confirmed that the system has shipped over 86 million shipments worldwide. Another surprise was that the company cleared another four to five million units, not more than

Sony was able to confirm these numbers, since it is still in the midst of a holiday break. However, this sounds pretty accurate; and more than likely, they'll confirm the news either later this week or early next week, depending on when they return.

One thing that probably worked in Sony's favor was the special Black Friday bundle they had on the market, consisting of of a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim console packaged with the critically acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man packed in and going for a very reasonable $ 199. The system sold like hotcakes before it was discontinued.

But if this number holds- and we have a feeling it will- we send our congratulations to Sony on the feat. Here's the PS4 reaches 100 million units sold sometime this year and keeps the momentum going when the PS5 will be officially announced. (Our guess? Sometime later this year, with a 2020 release in mind.)

The PlayStation 4 is available now.

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