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Play Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate After Monster Hunter World is not easy

If you follow me on Twitter or have read my posts about it, you know I'm a big fan of Monster Hunter World . By this time I have sunk for almost 260 hours into it. The game is absolutely amazing. It may even end up being my game of the year. This is interesting given that I have never been a fan of the franchise. While the concept of hunting giant monsters has always fascinated me, the controls and graphics of the older Monster Hunter games were always a big turn-off. I'm extremely happy Capcom finally gave the series the upgrade it deserved. Not only am I a fan now, but millions of others are also.

Monster Hunter World released on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year. It received an excellent PC port earlier this month. Given how advanced it is, it is no surprise that the game is not available on Switch. Nintendo console / handheld hybrid makes good things, but by the end of the day it is still underpowered compared to its rivals. The system is strong enough to handle an old Monster Hunter game though, and that's exactly what Switch owners get in the form of Monster Hunter World Generation Ultimate .

As a person who loves Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch has not just been easy. In fact, it is very close to cultural shocks. I hoped to play MHW would give me some gratitude for the classic series, but it has not been the case. While I better understand why some people like the older Monster Hunter titles, the Switch port has not changed. If you're a fan of classic Monster Hunter game, then you'll love Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch. If you have entered the franchise via Monster Hunter World you are probably better anticipated on a follow-up of the current title. This older Monster Hunter adventure is definitely a purchased taste.

Before I continue, I will tell you that this is not a formal review of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate . While I'm going to detail what's in the game and what I'm thinking about, this piece really is for Monster Hunter World fans curious about trying out the title. I also want to let people who are fans of classic Monster Hunter games as my thoughts do not in any way void your experiences. If you love old school Monster Hunter nothing I can say take it away. For all others, let this serve as a head of what you can and can not expect when playing Monster Hunter World Generation Ultimate .

The first to surprise Monster Hunter World fans is Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate s presentation. It's painfully obvious this game originally released on 3DS. While true, the switch is not a graphical power plant, it still delivers excellent graphics for a device of its kind. Games like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are absolutely beautiful. The same does not apply to Generation Ultimate . At least, if you plan to play it on a big screen TV.

When playing in handheld mode, Generation Ultimate is at least passable. The environments still contain low-resolution textures, but they are far less offensive to the eyes. Playing in handheld mode made me respect what the developers were supposed to do. Considering this was originally a 3DS game, the worlds contain a lot of variety and detail. Everything looks authentic in its own way. To play this game, do yourself a favor and play it solely in handheld mode.

Monster Hunter World does a wonderful job of creating excitement and excitement right in the beginning. The game throws you directly into the action and does not give up. It teaches the players the basics in the middle of elaborate and exciting pieces. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate does the opposite. After the incredible CG intro, players get into the game's foundation and have to read through countless screens that describe the mechanics. At the same time it is overwhelming and secular. It takes some time before you can go into nature, but even then you're not allowed to have fun.

The game's training tasks and intro missions focus mainly on players collecting plants and bugs. These are important things to learn, but having them up front that kills any momentum, the game attempted to build up with CG intro. Each mission is filled with even more text to read through. You can skip them if you want, but it's best not to consider how different collectibles compare to MHW . To understand the Generation Ultimate basics, you only need to suffer through many boring tutorials.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate lacks many of the quality of life features found in Monster Hunter World . Things like bug nets, fishing rods and whetstones eventually break or run out. In MHW you are free to use these items as many times as you wish. Drinking potions during the games is infinitely more dangerous since your character is still. You can not drink and run like in MHW . To make things worse, make a bag after drinking potions, which gives monsters a chance to pay tribute to you. Do not trust scout flies to find monsters for you either. You must hope you go into your quarry and then notice it with paintball. It feels like the game gently tries to frustrate players.

But how's the real monster hunter? I'm glad to say that this aspect works as intended. Well, for the most part. As I said, you must examine every zone of places until you find your monster. Other than that, things should get to know Monster Hunter World fans. You attack the creature when you have an opening and avoid as much as possible. You must then chase it (remember to shoot it with paintball?) When it runs away. After a while, you will end up with your prey.

While hunting and fighting monsters are an explosion, it's almost not as polished an experience as it is in MHW . For obvious reasons, creatures in Generation Ultimate do not have the same number of animations as the monsters in World . Because of it, it's a little hard to tell what kind of attack they will do next time. All the beautiful animations featured in MHW are not just for the show, they really help you. Despite a little clunkiness, I still found out the best part of the game, which I guess is good.

One of Monster Hunter World 's most defining feature is its major worldwide map. Each site, from the lush old forest to the volcanic recession of the Volcanic Age, is made alive in amazing detail. It is quite easy to cross each zone's different zones. The same can not be said about Generation Ultimate . When entering a new zone, they have to go through a load screen. Awarded, load time is very short, but it prevents continued flow of the hunt. Moving from zone to zone makes you feel as if the whole level is just a piece of work from smaller places (which is quite a lot). Old-school Monster Hunter fans are used to this, but newer fans will not find this appealing.

Based on what I have written so far, you can get an impression Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is not worth your time if you are a fan of Monster Hunter World ]. This is not entirely true. What Generation Ultimate is missing in the presentation and quality of life it gives up with a crazy amount of content.

The most remarkable here are G-Rank monsters. These animals are like MHW 's temperate creatures, only more powerful. On top of that, they have different animations and attack patterns. Players need to make new equipment for the hunting and survival of these overwhelming monsters. In particular, they need to create weapons with "slight" sharpness, that is, the sharpest weapons throughout the game. In addition to G-Rank monsters, there are many more monsters and different sample types to meet. I really wish Monster Hunter World had any of these creatures. Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate allows players to choose from a variety of weapons. The big difference here is the ability to choose different hunting styles and hunting art. Hunting styles change how you approach combat. Some styles let you mount monsters easier, while others give you different features. Hunting art is basically a super move. A hunting style determines the number of equipment for hunting. As the extra monsters are the hunting art and styles features I would like to see in Monster Hunter World .

Another cool feature is the ability to transfer files from 3DS to Switch. If you have invested hundreds of hours in Monster Hunter Generations on Nintendo handheld, then all your hard work was not in vain. I did not try this feature myself since I have not played on 3DS, but I appreciate it's inclusion. I wish more cross-gen games did this kind of thing. Hell, I wish I could get my PS4 MHW save data to PC. This is definitely a good bonus for fans for a long time.

One of the reasons why I've played Monster Hunter World for so many hours is because of multiplayer. I love how to jump into someone else's hunt or make them go into my via SOS flare. It really gives the game a whole new dimension. Plus, killing monsters with a group – even complete strangers – are just a lot of fun. I doubt seriously MHW would be the giant, it's about not for its exciting online component.

Since I received an early copy, I was unable to try multiplayer either online or locally. I understand playing with others is not as happy as it is in Monster Hunter World . You can not search for SOS torch solutions or launch any of your own. If you want to play a particular mission, you must find a lobby with three other players who also have the same task. Again, I can not speak for the electronic aspect at this point.

Before you unpack this, I will just repeat that I'm not a trash Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate . It is the best version of classic Monster Hunter currently available. The sheer amount of content alone makes it worth the price of long-term fans. But if you're a fan Monster Hunter World this will not satisfy you the same way. I'm not saying not to try the game if you get the chance. It's definitely an advantage to see where the series came from. Just realize Generation Ultimate and World are very different experiences. It's absolutely no shame to just stick with Monster Hunter World and its followers from now on. For the old guard, you can celebrate the fact that the original series gets a final hoorah with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate .

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