We live in a 24/7 world that has taken “work from home” to a whole new meaning, and yet Google seems to believe that we all live, work and sleep the same hours. At least it seems that the Pixel phones with adaptive charging think so. That probably needs to change.

Adaptive charging came with the December Feature Drop, so that Pixel 4 phones or later could charge slowly when sleeping and then top up just before the alarm goes off. As batteries wear faster when kept close to 1

00% for long periods, this policy is intended to help maintain longevity and has been introduced in many other phones.

But as previously pointed out by our competing friends at the ironically named publication 9to5Google, Google runs on a fixed schedule. According to the feature’s help article on the Pixel Phone help pages:

When charging the phone after 9pm, with an active alarm set to 5-10, the phone uses Adaptive Charging. Otherwise, the phone charges normally.

Of course, not everyone has such a cemented schedule – third shift workers, shift covers and those who need to take an early trip, we feel – and it’s a shame that Google did not cut out a manual exception to the programming or even a cheat that to link it to a Google Assistant bedtime request.

Picture: 9to5Google

It is even worse when this policy is not displayed directly on the settings page.

So if you are careful and conservative about how you tax consumer goods, but wake up at 5pm instead of 5am, adaptive charging will not suit you.