Google laid the foundation for a new app earlier this month, and now you may (maybe) use it. While the "Pixel Sounds" prospect is not the most exciting, it improves some of the Android experience that has long been reviewed. Pixel devices will soon have a more expansive set of ringtones with a much nicer interface. The app did not work when it first poped up, but v2.0 does it and it is rolling out now.

You can think of Pixel Sounds as the sound quality of the Google Wallpapers app. It is a substitute for the boring volume at the system level with access to multiple sounds in a variety of categories. The App sounds sounds when you go to the system settings and change the ringtone or alert tone. It seems to download the sounds when you select them, similar to the Wallpaper app. See below for a quick demo.

As you can see, the upper part of the app animates when an example plays, and each category has a different color combination. It's the same wave animation from stock Pixel 3 live wallpapers. If you have a Pixel phone, the new app should be in your device for a long time. We do not know if it will support any other phones in the future, though. The play list can show the update to everyone, but we have APK ready for download.