Google Pixel Slate is an expensive and impressive hardware, but reviewers – including our own David Ruddock – are mostly agreed that Chrome OS is not completely ready for tablets. Even higher versions seem to struggle with animation delay in certain situations, but we may have an explanation for such a case.

Chrome Unboxed noted a UI gesture that caused an unusual amount of jank: Pull down to enter the overview mode. Of the many methods to get to grips with (such as their own key, threefold swipe), only the pull-down from the top of the screen movement seems to break the animations so seriously.

According to this Chromium bug report, "Using Mask Layers to Create Rounded Corners" of some UI elements along with background sharpness, causes too many things that need rendering and reducing the entire process. Testing with rounded corners turned off has yielded much more favorable results. The Chrome team is working to resolve a problem soon.

Google Pixel slate is not the only Chrome OS tablet that suffers from this problem, with the HP Chromebook x2 and the under-powered Acer Chromebook tab 1

0 also implicated. It is much harder to accept the problem on a more expensive machine, but provides further evidence that buying a Pixel Slate right now is not a good idea.