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Pixel Buds (2nd generation) are gone

A couple of weeks ago, just as the Pixel Buds A series was launched, Google told us that the Pixel Buds (2nd generation) were sold out in the US and Canada, and that only a few countries or third-party retailers may still have stock. They also told us that the United States and Canada would not receive additional shares, so it certainly looked like they were a product that had reached the end of its life.

Today, Google picked up Pixel Buds (2nd generation) from the Google Store in the US and Canada, plus places like Best Buy are sold entirely through inventory. This is the end of Pixel Buds 2.

There will probably not be many tears this day. While a promising product on paper, in appearance and design, the 2nd generation Pixel Buds from day 1

struggled with what must have been a hardware failure that Google simply could not fix with software. The audio clips were familiar, as were other connectivity issues that forced people to turn off a number of features to make them usable every day. Several software updates during the first year helped in some ways, but most people who had issues with Pixel Buds (2nd generation) experienced them no matter what Google tried.

Google confirmed at the launch of the new Pixel Buds A-Series that they had made a major change to the A-Series that improved cut-off issues by having both Buds connected to a phone at the same time, instead of directing the connection through a single Bid as they did with 2nd generation model. In other words, Pixel Buds (2nd generation) actually had a bug that could not be overcome.

If you picked up a pair of 2nd generation model for the deep discounts we have seen for several weeks in a row up to this point, I hope they treat you well. If they do not, you probably knew what you were getting into.

On a related note, I have been testing the Pixel Buds A-series on and off for several weeks now, and should have a review soon enough. In short, they are much improved in the connection department with similar sound as the 2nd generation. They are a solid alternative.

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