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Pixel 3 XL has not released yet, but you can already buy one – BGR

We saw a lot of high quality toner Pixel 3 leakage in recent days, far more than we expected at this time. It's not like Google can keep Pixel phones secret, but the clean number and quality of leaks were surprising. With almost two months to go to the phone unveiled, we know all about it. We saw camera examples, we know wireless charging systems, and we even saw many practical reviews.

It turns out that it is not Google who is trying to build Pixel 3-hype just like Note 9 beats stores, and before 2018 iPhone models are launched. Leakages and ratings come from people who had access to stolen Pixel 3 XL units, which sold on the black market as high as $ 2000.

All the new Pixel 3 XL leaks we reported had one thing in common . Russian or Ukrainian bloggers were responsible for publishing details about the hardware delivered. 9to5Google has learned that it's actually a Ukrainian seller with errors who has charged $ 2,000 per Pixel 3 XL device.

It is unclear where the Pixel devices come from, but you must come to Telegram to contact the seller and order one. The seller also has Pixel 2 XL devices in stock, as shown in these pictures:

Image Source: 9to5Google

Here is a message translated from a telegram that The other day said that there were 3 Pixel 3 XL units left in stock:

Remaining only 3 pcs. Google Pixel 3 XL I respond immediately to the most popular questions: • The price is 2000 $ • Payment is possible via PayPal or Bitcoin. The second is preferable because PayPal has a horse commission for international transfers. • Dispatch is made from London via DHL or FedEx. In terms of purchase, please contact [removed] I also remind you that there is a large amount of Google Pixel 2 XL at a good price. Please!

What's interesting about these devices is that Google can not disable them remotely. We saw at least one set of images that showed a Pixel 3 XL device that was removed by Google remotely. But it was good before the leak from Ukraine came out.

The only logical explanation that Pixel 3 XL is sold months prior to launch involves theft. Someone must have gotten hands on a large group of Pixel 3 XL devices and then sold them on the black market. The report notes that all the latest leaks showed that all sources had access to the same type of Pixel, a white Pixel 3 XL. It suggests that the models come from the same batch / transport.

In an update to the story, 9to5Google said a source revealed that Google's legal and security groups, as well as Foxconns team, are involved in internal discussions about leaks.

It seems to be safe at this time that Google's launch event will be completely destroyed. The Pixel 3 Series will be the star star of the show, but it will not have any surprises again, as these early buyers will probably reveal everything about the phones well before that. These are Google's own iPhone 4 moments, but on a much larger scale.

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