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Pixel 3 launcher is here for your phone

This week, Google Pixel 3 was made available for advance booking, some evaluation units were handed out, and BANG! APK for Pixel 3 Pixel Browser was also released. Not officially, remember – Google is not about to give away their big Pixel 3 experience to all users easily. However, in the APK form, some users may participate in the Pixel 3 soul well before the device is available to the public.

If you already use a Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL and have the latest version of Pixel launcher (before this), much will not change. Some fairly small little cocks make a small switch. It is a Google Assistant logo instead of the blank and once a microphone icon in the search box. There will be a new branding elsewhere, one can expect.

This update forces the use of Adaptive Icons on all apps. Because of this, all icons will have a beautiful circular look at them. You can have flashbacks back to the early days of third party launchers oddities here, what about circles on each app. Now winter's return of your dissatisfaction ̵

1; unless you love uniformity.

A bit more steady service in screenshot animations is here with the update, especially if you're on Google Pixel 3. There's a new carrot over search box if you're on your appraiser and there's a new way to look at the options yours when you touch any icon in this switch. See the material flow!

NOTE: This launch may not work 100% as scheduled if you are not running Android 9 Pie. If you want to experiment with what works and / or does not work as such, feel free to do it. This experience was built for Pixel phones and can not work at all elsewhere.

With the Android Police, to get on board this latest Pixel experience, you need to switch to APK Mirror and press the download button. Note that when you leave SlashGear – be it APK Mirror or anywhere else – you take the fate into your own hands. Any action you take before, after or even while reading SlashGear, is your own responsibility!

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